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hey T! thanks! nice to see you :slightly_smiling: yep, that's me!

oh bunnys! i rarely get to see bunnys on my shift,but i do love em. last one i saw was on new years eve, and i got to give it a enema.

took the last few days off to sleep. i got a new coworker who has succeeded in driving me insane. MY GOD..i really really really wish i had the power to smite her, but alas i don't. maybe some day. so in other words this has been a long work week. today its back to the gym to do something.


300+ deads and squats? Blah? sigh
I'll go back to my pussy weights and sulk.

Nice doggy. I remember my neutered dog trying to hump someone else's bitch once, much to their consternation (childhood pet, gone to rainbow bridge a long while back now). My mum's neutered cat also tries to wank himself off against your leg (if he's sat on it). I guess it doesn't always take away the desire, even if it does pacify them somewhat.


ewww i know...its so uncomfortable seeeing dogs do that...what's worse is when females get all humpy. that i find very uncomfortable.

CAL! you have a bench i'll envy forever...blast! I doubt i'll ever have that beauty of a bench !

squats 45, 135, 175, 225, 225x10 x2sets, 225x9x 2sets,225x5,255x5, 260x4, 265x3, 275x2, 285x1, 225x8x3sets, 225x7
cardio crap

trying to increase my upper body strength so i threw in some misc stuff in between things.
db alternating bench press 27.5# 10x3sets, one pathetic attempt at Kroc rows with 40's..barely got 15 per arm. some hanging leg raises too. those rows and krocs take away my will to live.


you and your squats...thanks for making the rest of us look like real slackers.
Eh, those kroc rows are awesome. Pretty soon your shirts will start to feel really tight around your upper back and you may rip some sleeves...


i can't wait for that...but my god its goign to take forever.i hate hate hate them. HATE


dead lifts 195x16, 200x12, 205x10, 215x8, 225x8x 7sets, 245x3, 265, 275
good mornings 115x8x5sets
alternating lunges 95x10 x5 sets



Any particular program you are following?

If no one has told you lately, you are STRONG!!! grrrr! :slight_smile:


your volume is ridiculous


This looks like GVT gone haywire.

I like that chaos.


that looks awesome.


That is some amazing pulling.


what she said :slightly_smiling:


Are you using a regular bar for good mornings ?


i am a bit of a mess when i get to the gym. really what i need is some sorta plan of action. i just kinda go and ..yeah.thing is i haven't had any real gains in a while, so i either need to figure it out. i did 5/3/1 but then when back to gvt style stuff, i just like reps. in 5/3/1 i find i didn't have enough go for that last set of as many as you can at 90%. i'd just fall short.

i can do stuff but not others, like pull ups, man..this summer i was beaming when i could do three, no not so much, i stopped doing them and can barely do a single. and arm strength as well, i'm so bottom heavy and top weak. so i'm jacking anyone's routines i cna for that, its goignto be a long haul forme to get decent upper strength..blah.--

yep regular bar for good mornings. i'm trying to post a dead lift video.i have a feeling i need some form tips.


damn great numbers.


I don't know if you work out with a crew or what. I am lucky I work and lift at a gym that has all sorts of toys. A couple years ago my crew (and some
gym memebers) took up a collection. And bought a rackable cambered bar and it was one of the best things we have ever bought. It is so good for squatting (especally if u need to give shoulders a rest) and it is awesome for good mornings especally for females because it puts all the weight on hips and hamstrings and less stress on neck and upper back of reg bar.

Here is a video of me from my big and bloated days squatting with a rackable cambered bar off a box with a loads of chain.

I have also benched with it too. Here is a link to the bar


it is by far my favorite bar because you can do so many things with it. Hopefully you can collect some donations and get one for your gym. I look forward to seeing your deadlift videos

keep up the good work !!!




that makes me so jealous!!!

OH MAN> and i need one of those for me squat too, i find once i get all jamming,or feel any sorta weakness, my form fails, and i lean more towards squat-morning style squats as a default-tired-but-still-wanna-go on thing..

I've seriously considered buying one of those and either getting a rack for my living room or just trailing it around with me when i can to the racks at my various fabulous 24 hour fitness location.

no crew either, i wish for one of those too.

there is so much i think i screw up on, because i have no direction but i just go and do whatever anyways. i don't have any general coordination to begin with, so be prepared for some craziness once i finally figure out how to load videos up, but i want help! and this seems to be the easiest way internetage.


Ahhhhh goodtimes 24 hour fitness lol

I really wouldn't stress all that much about your training. As long as you are focusing on the basics and you train your back Of your body more than your front you will be alright. The crew will come with time just keep working hard.
Get those vids up there are plenty of people on here that will be more than willing to give you some feedback



I think you'd really like 5/3/1!

And it allows enough flexibility for the accessory stuff..high reps, body weight stuff, or nothing at all! :slightly_smiling:


thanks! i look forward to collecting some weirdos to lift with.

back more then the front? i shall go for it :slightly_smiling:

fronts squat push press combo: 85x10, 90x10, 95x8x2 sets, 95x7x5 sets, 95x4..got tired. I love this combo thingie, and haven't done em in forever. but i got tired so just did those and some cardio.

hey mom in hd! yeah,i did 5/3/1 for a while, i might venture back...but i find i wear myself out quicker with it, which i guess it good technically, i might cycle it in again.