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Here’s my training. Its been a while since I’ve been on here, but i’ve noodled around this site for a while. Decided to post a thread because–honestly I just feel like it.

Here’s my ststs:
28, 5’9ish 170 -not the leanest by far but decent muscle meat on me. I should change my profiles wt but my weight changes a lot so whatever.
Occupation: Overnight ER Vet Tech, Denver, CO USA…and that’s pretty much me.

I do mainly strength training, but I’ll freely admit that I’m crazy and don’t always follow any logic when it comes to being smart about training. I got bad habits, and i get lectured too sometimes, but i always listen if its decent advice, so word. no real goals besides just getting better at what i need to and also i just tend to be on this site when i have internet, so might as well capitalize and post crap.

I’m good at squats, mediocre at dead lifts, and bad bad bad at benching. but i try. maybe one day i’ll be good…i do try!

Yesterday was monday and Monday is squat day.
22x8x5sets, 225x7x2sets, 250x5, 265x3,275x1

last weeks stuff:
front squat 135x7x9sets
deadlifts 205x10x10(2sets),x8,x7,x6,x8,x7,x6
alternative lunges 95x8x5sets
good mornin’s 135x6x5sets
bench 95x10x4sets,x8,x7,x6,x8,x7,x6
push press 95x5x5sets
cardio thru out the week, 30 mins x five days

…that’s not going to happen this week. cardio melt down this week. i usually do it but not feeling it the last few days already. we’ll see though.

Sah-weet! Sindie’s back…and has a log. Welcome back!

Hey hey. Got a new name and stuff? Good to see you here.

good god. i’ve tried this three times now. i didn’t realize how complex and annoying reloading these topic things are.

tues front squats 135x9,x8 5 sets, 140x7, 155x3
wends dead lifts 190x16,x12, x10, 195x10, 200x8,205x8, 215x8, 225x5
wierd workouts…eyah.

oh! and thanks for stopping by my bloggie loggie thing :slight_smile: I’m afraid it won’t be too exciting…thus far :stuck_out_tongue:

hey im here.

post some videos or something, damnit. u know my attention span is

oh look shiny!

hey! thanks for stopping by too! …yeah…and the videos will come eventually. I confess to being vain and wanting them to be badass before showing them :stuck_out_tongue:

if u were vain you would want to show them off asap. (vain is something i know QUITE well.)

u gots that Pride thing goin on… let it go woman. i like u too much. and i thought we bonded. i saw ur shoe.


Yeah what she said. videos. stat!

[quote]CBear84 wrote:
if u were vain you would want to show them off asap. (vain is something i know QUITE well.)

u gots that Pride thing goin on… let it go woman. i like u too much. and i thought we bonded. i saw ur shoe. [/quote]

that i do! --i get all hot to trot and macho’d out and kinda smash about a bit…i better get to work on some brute proof.

hi molly! thanks for stopping by! :)!

looking at all the logs on here makes me realize how scattered my training is–i’ve never really had a formula. but GOOD GOD i need some organization. Hmm. I did the 5/3/1 for a bit, and it was great…but the wierdo in me just wants to do high reps and more reps and more and more. so i did german volume training again, for the last month and a half i’d say. which i dig alot. but i’m faltering on my arm strengh as usual. man…hm. oh well i’ll figure it out.

benching 110x5x7 sets with on legged squats in between, some hanging leg raises
alternating db press 25x12x3 sets
db rows 45x10x4 sets
delt flys 5#x12 4 sets
pushups 4sets 10
cling to overhead press bar, 65x8,70x8,75x7x3sets
cardio death as well.

Crazy is good most of the time.

Structure sucks hot balls.

i’d like to avoid the hot balls for a bit–crazy it is then

taking today off. tomorrow is “find out my current max” day. hopefully will have some decent results.

i’m fixin’ to watch season one of The Henry Rollins show on dvd. He’s adorable!! never seen the show but i like his spoken word stuff… wanna find out how much he squats as well.

aww, Henry Rollins…

Brings back memories…

I feel ya on the high volume…yay for being weirdos!! :slight_smile:

so that max party sucked today. I’m calling bullshit on my self…its been a few months since i’ve tried a full on max day. i should have done it sooner. not so great but here it t’was

squats 45,135,185,225, 245, 265, 275, 295, 305…blah. i hate the rack at this gym i go to now.i choose to blame it. …until further notice :stuck_out_tongue:

deads 45, 135, 185, 225, 245, 265, 275, 285, 295, 300…blah!!! well, actually, that’s pretty much how i go with those bastards.

benching 45,95, 115, 130, 135, 130, a not even cool 135.yeah. so that’s next on the to do list.

hey mom in hd! he’s adorable!! :slight_smile: i love his lil skunk mark too. :)the show was pretty good, outdated since it was form a few years ago i guess, but still cool.

Blah by your standards, maybe … but 300 is a nice number!

you made so many heavy attempts - no wonder you disappointed yourself!

Hey Sindie, how’s Lum doing?

300lb DL…I salivate.

Let’s not even talk squats…

hey skye! Lum’s a gigantic pooper now. he’s a bit pissed at me or will be since i’m getting him neutered and gastropexied thursday, nuts be gone! lil bastard is mouthy though–always wants to put his two cents in. how’s your pup doin??

yeah-- i tend to be a bad thinker/planner of things sometimes. i just get so EXCITED and wanna do everything at once :stuck_out_tongue: i must learn patience…and …um. patience.

[quote]rcfromdb wrote:
you made so many heavy attempts - no wonder you disappointed yourself![/quote]

i get excited!! thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

AlisaV thanks for stopping by too :wink:

i like smiley’s.

daaaaaaaaang you are strong. hi, i’m T. welcome back to PW, i remember you from across the pond as sindie. :slight_smile:

great to see you here. you’ve now increased the # of strong women for me to be envious of. i like smileys…and videos too.:slight_smile: those are some incredible lifts. your pup looks adorable, i hope he forgives you quickly. i had to have my bunny’s nuts cut. he got over it after a few days.