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Brute Force Shred

I did good mornings but they always felt awful however I did them, I just do RDL’s with 135 normally. My form in that video was bad but is better now and I fully extend at the top.

Haha well I honestly wouldn’t know if they were good or bad! I don’t really do back raises. My lower back is wicked tight as it is and often gets over-stimulated, so I rarely target it directly. Hopefully once I get my glutes up to par and hips loosened up I can target the lower back more, but it’s hardly what’s holding back my compound lifts.

I pull sumo so after Deads it feels tired but I lean over like a bitch when squatting heavy so it is destroyed from that. Doing agile 8 and hanging off a power rack helps it but still gets sore for a few days after squats.

You told me to eat more and gain weight for my upcoming competition and I’m at 98ish kgs about 220 lbs in the morning now. Also my BF% looks like it has been going down a bit from this high volume stuff I’ve been doing.

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Great to hear man! Keep it up and (after this upcoming meet) try to continue adding on quality mass without competing for at least a few months. Nothing crazy, but maybe finish 2017 right at/near 105 kg and see where your lifts are at. Typically I wouldn’t recommend that, but you’re still early in your lifting career + you’re competing so I just don’t see any sense in cutting down or trying to recomp when you’re stuck between weight classes. Definitely make an effort to keep eating as clean as possible though.

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Maybe don’t worry too much about conditioning until after this next meet, but I would definitely make it a priority after it and for the rest of your life. In the long term you’ll be stronger (and healthier) for it.

I’ve been eating pretty clean recently + trying to get calories from good sources. I’ve been laying off on the conditioning as well but still maintain a decent capacity where I can run up stairs and not be out of breath sort of deal (not the best standard but…).

I was going to after this meet do something similar to what you mentioned with the adding weight and not trying to recomp at all. I quite like the partial work I’ve been doing then main work then hypertrophy as well. I’ll make another contingency plan after this meet to re-evaluate.

@lil.greggy I’m honestly convinced back raises actually help this, provided you don’t over-extend at the top and really relax your upper back while doing them. [quote=“hugh_gilly, post:183, topic:224451”]
I pull sumo so after Deads it feels tired but I lean over like a bitch when squatting heavy so it is destroyed from that

This is concerning. Your back is obviously telling you that your squatting setup isn’t right for you. You most probably need to stop leaning forward so much and limit your depth to just legal - at least until after you’ve fixed your technique and can keep your pelvis from tucking under you. You’ll probably need to stay way more upright as well, so ab and lower back work will be a priority along with upper back work (very important to stop your chest collapsing). Paused squats and paused front squats will also help. Conventional DL too.


Not like pain sore just worked muscle sore. I have been trying to fix it and have improved it a lot recently staying more upright and tight all round.

I second all of this. My squat has never really taken off because before, I could never get my form right. I would squat low bar because I conventional deadlifted and felt the carryover was there. I would get up to a 405 max just to pull something in my back, be out of squatting for awhile just to come back with a 135 max and do it again. I did this forever it seems until I started front squatting hard, did reverse hypers every session, did and still do more upper back work than the average person should and worked incredibly hard at bracing. Not to mention I’m so flexible I can literally sit on the ground from a squat and place my forearms flush with the ground with my feet together in a squat so I get little rebound from back squatting.I got back into squatting a few months ago (high bar, feet close almost Olympic style squats) and have been FINALLY moving in the right direction.

TL;DR don’t get caught up in worrying so much about the weight right now man. You’re strong and moving in the right direction, but you really need to make sure your form is what is going to let continually add weight over the years. Work on the weak points hard, form hard, and stay consistent and you’ll flourish for a lifetime.


I’ll make a squat form thread soon and will record my sets from my next squat day just to check. I’m unsure at the moment. Thanks.

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Bench and Upper Day
Shoulder warmup things
40 x 5
50 x 5
60 x 5
70 x 5 x 5 all moved good and felt confident with it
Close Grip Board Press was in power rack but was vacated by a guy wanting to do squats
Used a 4 inch board, hands just outside smooth part of bar
60 x 3
70 x 3
80 x 3
85 x 3 last rep grind
90 x 1 felt good

40 x 5
45 x 5 x 5

DB Bench
20 x 4 x 10

Bentover Rows
60 x 5 x 10

just like boy said were at very similar strength levels curious to see how you get stronger

15 years old BW: 170-175lbs
Bench: 235lbs
Squat: 345lbs
Dead: 335
I have never competed, but i want to

Those are good numbers especially at 15. I’d recommend doing a competition and you might set a few records in the under 16’s.

How I get stronger is food + time + lifting heavier loads than last month. Just sort of repeating that over and over.

You could start a log here and people come along and give advice.


ive been thinking about a log , and its little hard because i wrestle so weight cant get to high getting really strong

Also zercher squats/holds if you can handle them. I like using them because I can use a lighter load than a front squat to get an even greater affect on my anterior core. Those did wonders for me keeping tensions and staying upright. Also breathing paused squats helped me tremendously, but that was also when I first transitioned over to beltless lifting.


Those are awesome lifts for your age/size, mate. Make a log! I’m sure many here would follow it. Can also be quite beneficial for getting advice on proper form, which could pay dividends later in your lifting career since you’re still so young.

I started my log just now Its Called
YargeeBoy’s Quest for Strength

Thanks for responding in the other thread Mark I’ll focus on doing these cues as I don’t normally think about these.


Any goals you wanna hit in your meet?

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Want to get a 100 bench and a 170 dead to get a 400 total. That’s about it.

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