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Brute Force Shred


AlphaBuild Week 5 Day 1

Squat light
84 x 8
98 x 6
112 x 10 matched my pr from last week despite squats feeling all over the place

Front Squat paused and beltless, medium
up to 85 x 1

15 mins sparring


Did some dumbassery off program today forgive me almighty mountain range Alpha

Deadlifts at school
150 beltless which is a PR since it’s beltless

Bench my friend who benches 170 came in and it’s the first time I’ve trained with him
100 flew up
105 had a slight technical problem where the fault was I was too weak
90 x 3 PR

Did some other stuff like pulldowns and rows

Did some light conditioning of walking to my car which was miles away.


Wait, weights can fly now? :scream:
Good job on the beltless deads pr.


Put a hyuuge magnet on the ceiling and yes they can.


Aw yass for 1000% more gainzz


AlphaBuild Week 6 Day 2

Press hitting chins between
39 x 10
45 x 8
52 x 6

Viking Press heavy, did this on the hack squat thing
up to 90 x 1 and a 100 fail which I recorded

Pulldown heavy, between viking presses
stack x 3

Snatch Grip Shrug with med ball assisted chins between
140 x 19 got someone to choose a number between 1 and 20
165 x 12 got someone to choose number between 1 and 12, strap snapped in half on 8th rep so got a new one out and carried on the set

Did some curls, extensions and forearm stuff

20 mins boxing, getting muoy good at it now.

this is on a squat machine which we call a hack squat machine 90 was alright but was too weak for 100.


AlphaBuild Week 6 Day 3

90 x 8
105 x 6
120 x 8 PR absolute grind

Zercher Squats back felt a bit loose on 105 so did these
60 x 3

Giant Set 3 x
Back Raises
Leg Raises


AlphaBuild Week 6 Day 4

Bench with bb rows
65 x 8
75 x 6
85 x 8 PR

Board Press 4 inch board with meadow row
up to 90 x 2


AlphaBuild Week 7 Day 1

Deadlifts medium
115 x 2
132 x 2 this didn’t feel medium
150 x 8 PR this really didn’t fell medium, heck, recorded

Some db rows and back raises

Walked doglets

150 x 8, did 4, got straps and banged out another 4 then died.

Alright everyone point if you can guess what my pre workout was. It says Zinger.


Cake day bitches


So you’ll eat cake, right? Cake day is no trifle…


AlphaBuild Week 7 Day 2

Press chins between
up to 62.5 x 4 PR

Some pulldowns and 1 arm presses

Had a couple days off thinking of the futility of training, right now I am only training to get better at training. I squat till near passing out just to do the same next month for another repetition.

18/1017 Here we go again
Alpha Build Week 7 Day 3

Squat Went heavy as it’ll be the most rested I’ll be for a while I’m sure
up to 132.5 x 3 PR

Front Squat
light for a few

Beat the shit out of the heavy bag and now the half of the 4 screws holding it up have come out the concrete. Great


Damn, your pressing strength is getting brute man! :smiley:


AlphaBuild Week 7 Day 4

up to 87.5 x 9 PR extra weight nd a extra rep on last week
back offs
75 x 8
70 x 10
65 x 12

Bentover Rows
6 sets with a top of 80 x 8

DB Rows
up to 50 x 5 ez and a bunch of reps at lower weights

DB Rolling Extensions supaset with DB Hammer Curls
up to 20 x 8 and 30 x 3 on curlzz

Some facepulls and light cable chest boring stuff


AlphaBuild Week 8 Day 1

140 x 10 PR recorded this joocy set

Trap Bar Block Pull
200 x 3 and 210 x 2 PR’s

Back raises and weighted bar hangs for the spine gains

140 x 10. Had to use the prowler pull thing as a strap as only had one with me. Second bunch of reps start at 1:12


I like how you got down and died lol


AlphaBuild Week 8 Day 1

40 x 5
50 x 3
60 x 5 Matches PR from me and @Benanything 's competition but was beltless

Giant Set
Snatch Grip Shrugs up to 140 x 10
Neck Band stuff
Neck Curls up to 30 x 10 for 2 sets

Giant Set 2
Lat Raises
More Neck

My 60 press for 5 with no belt. Put a monkey emohi over my belly as my shirt was too small.

  1. There is no way I would have gone for that 5th rep. That shit was U.G.L.Y! Lol
  2. If you need an emoji to cover belly, perhaps it’s time to start improving said belly?
  3. Nice dancing bro :grin:


You need to do some SERIOUS work on your abs and midsection stability. You’re shaking like a goddamn leaf when the bar is locked out from rep two onwards. Not to mention your arching your lower back way too much for my liking.

Dude, you’re strong enough for your age. You need to pay serious attention to diet and technique before you get hurt. Just because you can move a weight doesn’t mean you should.


I don’t want you to feel like we’re all piling on here, Hugh, and you know I love you, but honestly it freaks me out how heavy you are!

You’re a strong kid and you know what you’re doing in the weights room which is great for someone your age, but god damn you are carrying a lot of fat.

I get that being cover-model shredded isn’t everyone’s top priority, but you are going to be in your 20s before you know it and you do NOT want to hit your prime ass-getting years obese.