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Brute Force Shred


My eyes may be bad at the moment, but it looks like you got depth every time.


I just need to join the IPA and I’ll get three whites on all of them. Just kidding I’ll keep working on it.


Squatting to a box was a big help for me. You end up knowing what depth feels like much better.


ALPHA LP - Week 8 Day 4

Giant Set 1
Chins 8 x 3
Press 50 x 5 x 5
Russian Twist 6 x 10

Giant Set 2
Pullup Green band, 4 x 6
Z Press red and blues, 70 x 3, 80 x 3, 82.5 x 5, 70 8
Waiter Walks up to 30’s

Giant Set 3
DB Seated Press up to 35’s for 5 with a elbow spot
Chin ups Green band, bunch holding on rack
Snatch Grip Shrug 180 x 2 x 10 and 140 x lots
Fatman Pullups bunch
Neck Curl bunch
Neck Ext and Side red band, bunch
Facepulls bunxh
Lat Raises bunch
band curls and pushdowns

Trained my friends mum for about a hour while doing last stuff, got from couldn’t do a bodyweight squat to 5 x 5 with 40kg and great technique on deads and bench.


ALPHA LP - Week 8 Day 1

Giant Set 1
KB Swing 13 x 5
Deadlift 120 x 10 x 3 dropped weight to make sure wouldn’t fail, recorded last set
Knee jacks 12 x 10

Rack Pulls no rest only plate swapping, pin 5,
Singles @ 180, 220, 260, 285, 300, 320 PR last 3 are all pr’s

Giant Set 3
Seated Yates Rows up to 120 x 2 x 8
BB Hip Thrusts up to 230 x 3 PR
Back Raises 50 ish slow
Bar Hang 20 plate x 5 x 10 secs

120 x 10 x 3 deads, recorded last set and speed looks good, should be good for 130 I think, New ques of 1 inch from bar, bring shins to bar and push chest out then lift dragging bar up legs, bracing at top still. Knees look like a female office worker working hard for a promotion.

Seated yates rows and hip thrusts, yes that is how you are supposed to do them I think.


ALPHA LP - Week 9 Day 2

Giant Set 1
Bentover Rows 87.5 x 10 x 3
Bench 80 x 10 x 3 recorded last set
Russian Twists 10 x 10

Giant Set 2
1 Arm Rows 4 x 12, different things
Pin Press on chest above chest, reverse blue band
100 x 3, 105 x 2, 85 x 5, 5
Waiter Walks up to 30’s

Giant Set 3
Incline DB Press up to 35’s x 4 spot on first rep
Nether 1 Arm Row up to 4 plates x 3
Bar Pushdown Stack 3 x 12
Facepulls Stack 3 x 12
Rope Fat Grip Curls Stack 3 x 12
Coan Holds 40 x 3 x 20 secs
Bumper Plate Curls 20 x 2 x 12

Last set of 10 x 3 Bench, very happy with speed of bar, going to up it to 81.5 next week


ALPHA LP - Week 9 Day 3

Did jumps and felt sick, did abs and felt sicker. Not good so left them out for today.

Squat 100 x 10 x 3 all RPE 8-9 felt very heavy.

SBB Squats beltless, 60 x 20 Not the best idea when I was feeling very sick.

Tried to do some power cleans and hamstring was trembling and couldn’t bend over at all. Called it quits here. Got the main sets and reps and left.


Alpha just realised a video when I was midway into looking for new programs once I finish his current one. Wrote the whole thing out here and will run it.


Hope you feel better soon. Hopefully a good nights sleep will do/did some good.


ALPHA LP - Week 9 Day 4

Giant Set 1
Chins 10 x 3
Press 52 x 10 x 3 hard but moved okay, recorded very last set
Russian Twist 10 x 10

Giant Set 2
Pullup Green band, 5 x 5 tempo-ey
Log Clean/Press up to 50 x 2 and 60 x 1 recorded

Giant Set 3
Seated Trap Bar Shrug 70 x 5 x 20
Facepulls bunch
Lat Raises little
Arms Bunch of different stuff

Last set of 52kg 10 x 3 Press, happy with speed

Log Clean and Press, thought this would be fun, watched a form video but forgot most of it except use your back to hold the log against you which I still did wrong


ALPHA LP - Week 10 Day 1

Was doing sprucing in basement in between sets
130 x 10 x 3 felt good

Came upstairs
Giant Set 2
Rack Pull no straps, mixed grip
Doubles @ 180, 200, 220
Single @ 240
Hanging Leg Raises
5 x 10

Giant Set 3
Hip Thrusts 100 x 3 x 8
Yates Row 100 x 3 x 8

Alright we lease our building (3 stories) from KFC. They have the ground floor and we have a walkway entrance then 1st floor (weights), 2nd (cardio shite) and a basement which is where I box. When people drop weights not on rubber mats or deadlift a bit down in KFC you can hear it. They got renovated a few weeks ago and now when stuff is dropped there is noise + ceiling dust falling into people food. Not good.
We’ve moved into Deadlifts down into the basement so here is my MTV Cribs of it. Sound like a manatee that’s ran a marathon as was doing 90 sec rest deads lol.


ALPHA LP - Week 10 Day 2

Giant Set 1
Bentover Rows 90 x 10 x 3, have to use hook grip now on these rip
Bench 82.5 x 10 x 3 recorded last set, all slow as hell
Russian Twists bit

Giant Set 2
Meadow Rows up to 70kg + bar for 3
DB Bench super tucked elbows, up to 35 x 4
DB Turkish Getups up to 10’s, these are fun and hard

Giant Set 3
CG Bench 60 x 3 x 8 tempo
DB Row up to 45’s x 8 tempo
BB Throat Crushers up to 40 x 8 these are cool
Curls yep

Last set of 10 x 3 Bench, jumped up 2.5 instead of 1.5 by mistake and was slow


Hook grip rows sound torturous. How’s your weight changed while running Alpha’s program?


My right thumbnail is feeling it. My weight is pretty much the same but I have been eating more than before. Conditioning and ability to quickly recover between sets is through the roof. I think my body composition has got better. I have before photos saved to compare which I will probably post.


ALPHA LP - Week 10 Day 3

Giant Set 1
Jumps done as warmup only not between each set
Squats 105 x 10 x 3, recorded last set
Heavy Breathing was hot as hell today, lots

Giant Set 2
Vertical Jump few as warmup
Front Squat Triples @ 60, 80
Single @ 90
Double @ 100 wtf PR, never done more than 60 front squat so I’ll take it, recorded
Leg Raises 4 x 8

Giant Set 3
Power Clean loads of light weight practice and a 60 x 3 which was ugly
Leg Press 3 x 10
Back Raise 3 x 10

Did both stances boxing combinations then jumping in and around tires then air squats and managed 3 rounds or 7 mins, good fun

105kg x 3 squat last set, think I’ve nailed depth

100kg front squat, I know it’s ugly it’s max effort, last time I did front squats I did 50 x 3 as top set, hecka PR

Stopped doing jumps between each set as well as hoping around in oly shoes and sleeves was killing my feet and seemed unnecessary, keeping as a warmup however


That’s definitely looking better. Certainly consistent.


ALPHA LP - Week 10 Day 4

Giant Set 1
Chins 10 x 3
Press 54 x 10 x 3 recorded last set
Heavy Breathing lots

Giant Set 2
Pullup Green band, 4 x 5
BTN Press cleaned up push pressed over and then wide jerk /push overhead
Heavy Breathing lots

Giant Set 3
Standing DB Press lite x bit
Band Tendons bunch

Last set of 54kg 10 x 3 Press, bit slower today


Alright everyone I have two weeks left on Alpha so I need to get some new goals. Vote on what you want or think I should do and I won’t put any input on what I want to do for a bit.

  • Eat and Leave Humanity Behind
  • Cut down to 90kg

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How did you make this voting thing?


when your making a reply on the far right of the writing tab to you’ll see a cog, and click that and it will give you some options and one is a poll builder.