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First of all, I would like to thank all of you. Whether you know it or not, you have all inspired me even more than I already am.

I stumbled across this website by accident... and I am stoked!

20 years ago (spent 10 years), in my military days, I was in excellent condition. After leaving the military, I have become a slack and idle lounge lizard, becoming complacent and lazy.

I had shoulder reconstruction (vehicle accident) 2 1/2 years ago and ballooned from 235 pounds to almost 300 pounds. I have rehabilitated he shoulder (its about 90%) and am down to 275 pounds (little cardio, mostly just lifting)... and seem to have become stuck.

Recent events and people (mostly goofs and other ignorant people that need not be named) have caused me to step back and take a serious look at myself, my life and habits.

The bottom line... I AM PISSED OFF. I do not like what I have become, and have started a journey of redemption, I want to feel good about myself and my image.

I am going to use this thread and my profile as my training log/ diet nutrition plan. Putting it "out there" I believe will give me more drive and determination.

This is going to be a journey of learning and self realization for me, as I remember when younger all I wanted to do was gain size and strength.

Now, my goals are to lose fat while gaining and retaining muscle mass.

Any advice, or if anyone sees any glaring errors, please let me know.

Try not to gag... but here are my physical stats;

41 years of age

6-3 height and 278 pounds

neck- 18.2"
chest relaxed- 52.5"
biceps relaxed- 17"- (flexed)- 18.1"
waist (across belly button)- 47.7"
hips- 46.5"
upper thigh (relaxed)- 28.1"
calf (relaxed)- 16.5

To look, and feel good (naked too!)
To see my 6 pack again... rather than the keg.
To start eating healthier.
To continue not to smoke (quit March... feel awesome!)

From February to the end of April my workout schedule was as follows;

day 1- chest/ biceps
day 2- back/ triceps
day 3- off
day 4- shoulders/ hams
day 5- quads
day 6- off
cardio every now and then and ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted.

I changed my schedule start of May to the following;

day 1- chest/ triceps
day 2- quads
day 3- off
day 4- back/ hams
day 5- shoulders/ biceps
day 6- off

**cardio 4-6 days a week (30-45 minutes) using HIIT, walking, biking, eliptical etc.

I have tried restricting my caloric intake to 1600-2000 (6 meals a day) calories a day with minimal carbs (50-100 grams per day) and increased protein. I am trying to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, but am struggling to get the required amount while keeping calories low. This "Diet" thing is all new to me... portion sizes and all that crap. I miss my metabolism. If any body finds it, can they please return it!!

I will post my workout stats... if anybody is interested. Hell, I might post them anyways even if nobody is interested. My days of worrying about what others think are over.

I am excited! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Time to start living and doing for me... THUS... BORN AGAIN!


Welcome to the old farts group!

First thing that strikes me is that you need to eat more. a person your size with your planned activity level requires more.

For example: http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/calories-burned.php?metric=&calculate=1&gender=male&age=41&weight=278&feet=6&inches=3&activity_level=1&x=65&y=8

This web site says at sedentary activity you require 3000 cals just to maintain, which if you train hard will then allow weight loss as well. I suggest getting your protein intake up, keeping the carbs low, and get those good fats. Then see how close you get to 3000 cals.

Good luck and keep postin' !


Hahaha... thanks Soldog. First time (probaly not the last though) I have been called an "old fart". It ain't so bad!

Thanks for the info and the site! That is awesome! Now I can adjust my diet accordingly and get the protein required.

Gonna go and adjust my meal plan/ diet right now... and get something to eat... I am starvin'!


Welcome Brother! Sounds like you're ready to make the change. Look forward to following your training and progress.


Happy Birthday Brother! COngrats on getting off the couch and doing something about it!


Happy Birthday! Welcome on board. Sounds like you already got the tools to work with and some size. Great that you takin control of your life.


Congrats on giving up the smokes and getting back in the game. Good luck.


Thanks... you guys are an inspiration! I looked at my own photos today, and almost puked. I will make myself proud...

I have adjusted my diet after receiving the information/ advice from Soldog... and increasing my caloric count has made a world of difference. I am not going to post my diet plan at this point, as I am still working out myself. Suffice to say, I am at about 2300-2800 calories. I am still having problems trying to get the protein count up, but I am working on it.

Today was Back and Hamstring day... and this was my workout;

I had maximum 60-90 second rests in between sets

Underhand chinups with body weight- 5 sets of x4 reps supersetted (no rest) and underhand pulldowns 5 sets #1- 140x15

2- 170x13

3- 200x9

4- 230x6

5- 250x4

Wide grip pulldowns

1- 160x13

2- 200x9

3- 220x6

4- 250x4

Wide grip Barbell Rows

1- 135x15

2- 185x11

3- 205x9

4- 225x8 (with straps)

5- 245x6 " "

Close Grip Seated Cable Rows

1- 180x15

2- 200x12

3- 230x9

4- 250x6

Stiff Legged Deadlift

1- 135x13

2- 185x11

3- 225x9

4- 245x7

5- 265x5

Lying Ham Curls

1- 80x15

2- 100x13

3- 120x11

4- 130x9

Standing Ham Curls

1- 50x16

2- 70x13

3- 90x9

4- 100x6

I was pissed off with the chinups... I can remember when I used to be able to crank off 12-15 reps no problem. Man, I am out of shape.

I was supposed to do cardio today, but did not have the opportunity as a good friend of mine needed me for support... domestic situation... 'nuff said.

We ended up going for a couple of beers too... screwed my diet plan for the day. At least I did not go stupid and get hammered or anything. Still... I feel guilty.

On the upside, I am back to work tomorrow, afternnon shift. I have managed to pack a healthy lunch too... which is so unlike me. Reading some of the articles on nutrition in this site, I will (or should) plan my meals out 3-5 days in advance. I will try this later... one day at a time right now.

Hope you all had a good day... later!


Welcome. Good luck with everything. keep us updated. You must have a bit of muscle hiding under there given the weights you are moving. A good program and a little attention to detail with diet will see you reach your goals I'm sure.



Welcome, and great to hear your motivated to make a change. Ditto what Soldog said about calorie intake. You also might want to look at intense HIIT full body weight routines. The metobolic affect from these workouts will assist with fat loss. Take a look at this fat loss routine. http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1589833

Best of luck to you, and I look forward to following your progress.


Thanks Burnesy and Sailorchris!

I looked at the link you provided, those exercises look interesting! I am going to continue with the program I currently use for a couple of weeks... coupled with the diet and nutrition plan form this site... and see what happens.

Well... off to the gym... it's leg day... time to move a ton of weight!

My new Mantra.... "You are who you choose to be"... followed closely by "It's not who is gonna let me, who is gonna try to stop me!"


Good work on the commitment to achieve your goals mate. I wish you the best and don't forget, you're probably inspiring someone else to chase their goals too.


huge weights for just starting up, nice work.


I must have been on glue... yesterday was shoulders and biceps. No big deal, soldiered on.

Yesterdays caloric intake was approx. 2100 calories with approx. 183 grams of protein and 125 grams of carbs.

Still too low for protein intake... I have to plan my meals better, and pack them ahead of time I think.

Here was my workout for yesterday- shoulders and biceps

60-90 seconds rest (max) between sets

Smith Machine overhead press
1- 135x20
2- 185x12
3- 205x7
4- 225x3 then burn set (no rest) 135x14

Pec Deck (backwards- rear delts)
1- 65x20
2- 95x14
3- 125x12
4- 155x9

one arm dumbell side raise (laterals?)
1- 20x15
2- 30x9
3- 35x8
4- 40x7 then burn set (no rest) 20x11

barbell upright rows
1- 125x5
2- 125x5
3- 125x6
4- 125x6

dumbell shrugs
1- 100x13
2- 110x8
3- 120x6
4- 130x7

barbell curls
1- 80x12
2- 90x8
3- 100x7
4- 110x6

alternating dumbell curls
1- 40x6
2- 45x5
3- 50x5
4- 55x4

Apex preacher curl machine
1- drop sets (no rest) 100x9/ 80x6/ 60x6
2- same as above 100x6/ 80x5/ 60x4
3- same as above 100x6/ 80x4/ 80x4

No cardio yesterday, felt like crap (sore throat and ears)... cold or something I am trying to fight off.

Today is a day off... thankfully, 'cause I got a damn cold. Chest, throat, sinuses... piss me off. Won't keep me out of the gym, but will definitely effect my cardio and fat burning attempts.

Think I might even take the night off work and overdose on Neo Citron while surfing the couch. Man, I feel lousy.


Oh... and thanks Eco and Duke!

If I can inspire anyone the way I have been inspired by all you guys, that would be the ultimate compliment.


Damn Bunny, You are have some big numbers working there!


Thanks Willy!

OK, yesterday was a day off... I even took the day off work, coughing and hacking up a lung. Good thing I quit smoking 2 months ago, I think it would have made this cold even worse than what it is.

So, did the big suck thing, played the wife like a violin... but she ended up going to McDonalds to get me a "treat". I know I should have said NO... but, hell, she was being nice so I wasn't going to push my luck.

So, to appease her, I ate the double Big Mac and the double 1/4 pounder... but said NO to the fries.

So, there I was, 1500-1700 calories in my belly... couch surfing.

Total caoric intake yesterday 3100 calories, 130 grams protein and 250 grams of carbs. Way way too many carbs!

So, today, I had to make amends. I still felt like crap, still coughing... but otherwise felt ok. To the gym...

Quads and calves

Barbell Squats (no belt or wraps)
1- 135x20
2- 225x13
3- 315x6
4- 365x4
5- 405x2- burn set no rest 225x9

one of the trainers in my gym was watching me, and suggested to really "burn" my legs, and to promote fat burning, try squats with just the bar... as many sets as it would take to reach 100 reps, keep the bar on your shoulders and rest only enough to catch your breath... so, I said "OK"... boy, what a burn... as follows;

Squats with 45 Olympic Bar (nice and deep)
1- 35 reps
2- 20
3- 20
4- 25
what a burn and pump!

I then waddled over to the leg press, walking like I had pooped my pants... and did the following;

Leg Press
1- 270x20
2- 360x16
3- 450x15
4- 540x11

Normally I would go to Hack Squats after this... but I had so much fun with the 100 rep squats, I decided to do another one! My mantra during this was "Pain is just a sign that you are still alive"... and alive I am.

Squats with 45 pound Olympic Bar
1- 35 reps
2- 35 reps
3- 22 reps
4- 13 reps (suposed to be only 8, but went to failure)

I then shuffled over to the standing calf raise machine, did the following
1- 185x20
2- 215x16
3- 245x12
4- 275x ?? to failure with partial reps

seated calf raise
1- 45x25
2- 90x17
3- 135x12
4- 180x8

That was it for todays workout. Had trouble pushing in the clutch (legs shaking) driving home from the gym.

I will probably go for a nice long walk with the wife tonight, that will be my cardio... plus it will help get the lactic acid moving in my legs.

Tomorrow is Chest and Triceps. I can hardly wait!


I wish I could have been there to take pictures of the steam coming off your quads to document the phenomenon for science...

Good session.


Ditto what Skidmark sez!


Legs a little tight today... feels good though. Still trying to hack up a hairball though... damn this cold.

Yesterdays caloric intake was 2234 calories with 156 grams of protein and 122 grams of carbs. Still not great (protein wise).

Wished the wife a Happy Mom's Day... sucked up to her for a bit... then off to the gym.

Weighed myself today... not impressed. only down 3 pounds... from 278 to 275.

Chest and Triceps

Incline Barbell Bench
1- 135x23
2- 185 x10
3- 205x10
4- 225x7
5- 245x4

Hammer Strength Decline Bench
1- 180x20
2- 270x15
3- 360x7
4- 410x5
5- 450x3 then burn set with no rest 270x10

Dumbell Flat Bench
1- 80x17
2- 100x6
3- 120x3 then drop set 90x4

Incline Dumbell Flies
1- 30x20
2- 40x14
3- 50x9
4- 60x7

Then, 3 sets of push ups to failure each set... with 30 seconds between sets... 18/ 14/ 9... my chest was fried!

Now, onto triceps. I have to admit, I was already spent... but, gotta be done!

Close Grip Barbell bench
1- 135x12
2- 155x8
3- 175x6
4- 195x5

Apex machine Dips
1- 185x11
2- 200x6
3- 215x6
4- 230x3 then burn set no rest 170x6

Rope cable skull crushers
these were supersetted with tricep pushdowns, no rest between sets, same weight as above to failure each set.

First time in a long time that I did chest and tris together... wow.

No cardio, lungs killin' me from this cold. Maybe later today when I get home from work. See how I feel.