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Bruno The Movie


Anyone else pumped for this comedy.

I think I've seen almost every episode of the Ali G Show and Bruno, the gay Austrian, has probably given me the most laughs out of all three of Sasha's personas.

Apparently, after watching Letterman last night, Bruno interviews a real life terorist, and also chalenges 2000 country boys to a cage match in the movie.

It's supposed to be funnier than Borat and I thought that was pretty damn hilarious. I love how everything is "real life" situations, and how Bruno is just a big fraud pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.

His quest is to become the most famous Austrian since Hitler.

Sounds fucking great.

The trailer was also pretty funny.

The movie is out on Friday. I'll definately see it this week and give a review.


I think it'll be the most uncomfortably funny movie ever. On the old Ali G show there were times when he did the Bruno character and I was afraid he was going to get beat up or worse by some people. And of course many times I would cringe while laughing my ass off. I'm going to see it though.


Yes I do expect many of those butter fly in my stomach cringeing moments because his life will definately be on the line in this film. Going to be absolutely hilarious though.


I had never laughed at any trailer as hard as I did in this one. I'm most definitely going to see this.


Bruno looks funnier than Borat for sure, I didn't laugh much at Borat.


I hear it's good.


does anyone find it ironic that the word 'fag' appears in the URL ... lol


Good eye.


If it's anywhere near as funny as Borat then it's going to be amazing.


Really? Borat is without doubt the funniest I have ever laughed at a movie. I had pains all over from laughing at the naked fight scene.


Wow, Sacha Baron Cohen making a movie, exploiting people while representing a false character.

Now THAT'S original.

I'll see it, grudgingly, but I laughed all of about once in Borat.


Saw it tonight, definitely cringe-worthy, quite amusing, explicitly gay as expected and lots of very very stupid people.


borat was only funny watching it with others


Borat was one of the funniest movies that I have ever seen and I cant wait for this one. I am going to see it tommorow night.


He filmed a part for it at a retirement home in Birmingham Alabama where my sister volunteers and is now getting sued for 2 million and they cant show that part in the movie because they would not sign a release...

personally I dont find the guy all the funny... and seeing borat in a theater on thanksgiving with families around me was one of the most awkward moments ever... have no intentions of seeing it...


Well i don't see why someone would take their family to see a Borat or Bruno movie. Definately a movie to see with good friends.


Borat wasn't that funny

the Ali G movie was good and this will be hilarious.

keep zem in ze ghetto or send zem to za Auschwitz?


I'm really surprised to see so many mixed reviews on Borat. I almost was ejected from the theatre for laughing so loud. I honestly thought it was histerical........

Midnight showings of Bruno tonight, im in

and Ratchet, why in the world would you take your family to see a movie that included a [well-known] ten minute nude scene with hairy middle eastern men? O_O


Seriously, Borat was a huge letdown.


thats funny. when we went to see Borat at the theater, many people were laughing at ME because i was laughing so goddamn hard. after a while people actually started hushing me. it may have been because i downed about 8 shots of JD before going in, but... still funny movie nonetheless.

i was really thrown off by how he looks in this movie. he looked much much different on da ali g show. i can only imagine this movie will be 10x funnier than the show with all of the money and planning put into it. unfortunately, i will probably have to wait for the blu ray release