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Bruno on MTV Movie Awards


Who else saw bruno on the MTV movie awards last night.

Him landing on eminem was one of the funniest damn things i have ever seen.Im pretty sure eminem wasnt in on that either because i cant see him agreeing to do that.Sacha Baron Cohen is a fucking balsy comedian and he gave eminem a little tast of his own medicine.



Ya watched it thought it was pretty funny myself.


Someone sent me a clip of it. I think E was acting but who knows. I don't get down with Mtv anymore.


Is MTV still doing that horrible show with the "lie-detectors?"

Television like that was designed for people with lessened intelligence.

BTW, I didn't see it. SBC is definitely one of the most overrated actors/comedians around today. I'll probably check it out on youtube anyway, though, thanks.

EDIT: So Eminem knew it was going to happen, but didn't know SBC would be in a thong only. I think Eminem came off looking like a fool.


MTV is an abomination now, you have to be the uber-emo kid to figure out or like it. Years ago I think it was good, maybe it was just a different time. Now anyone over the age of 25 will be bored to death, or confused.


MTV started out as all music, all the time. Should have remained the same.


I didn't hear about this until I logged onto here. I don't really care either, personally.


The clip can be seen here, for all you lazy bastards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WkC5wdfYng
Eminem looked pissed... If it was real, there will soon be a new song dissing sacha, haha.


Amen to that. I used to record videos when I was at school, so I could play drums to them later. They had kick ass hard rock and roll back then, where you could tear shit up. Now, I see these crying in their songs about Lord knows what. What can you say about kids these days?


You guys realize I was talking about SBC with his ass in eminems face right, Not MTV.I give a fuck about mtv but I think Andy Sandbergs shit is funny so I watched.


I think in the very beginning it didn't even have commercials!


Set up.


Obviously acted, I don't know why people are calling Em a prissy celebrity because of it. Hell, anyone here (who is not a trucker) want me to sit on their face?*

*I am not female.