Bruising/Knotting After Sub Q Injection

Hey all, I’ve registered here hoping for some help regarding bruising and knotting after subcutaneous test injections in my stomach.
Here are some basics and I hope they’ll be enough for your insights:
46 years old. I’ve been on Dr prescribed trt for about 4 years. I’ve used prescribed and legit UG test interchangeably. I always used to inject in my quads, .8 - 1cc once a week (23g x1” needle) but was usually skeeved out when injecting. My trt Dr suggested subq .35cc 2 x week into the belly fat, 2” around the navel or so. I looked into it and it seemed to be the way to go so I began that regimen about a year ago. I use 25g x 5/8” needles with a 1cc syringe. This new way of injecting didn’t bother me at all. Every Monday and Thursday I’d inject rotating diagonally, 2”-3” from my navel i.e. upper left, lower left, lower right and upper right. Every now and then I’d get a minor bruise but for the most part it couldn’t have been any simpler. But for the last few months now I’ve been getting bruises and / or knots with increasing frequency. About the size of a $.50 coin. The knots might last for a week. Sometimes the bruise will hurt, sometimes not.
I haven’t changed anything, so why now am I having these effects?
I do not pinch the fat, just poke the needle in after lubing it slightly with test. However, last time I did pinch the fat hoping that might help - it had the opposite effect…a big 2” long, 1/2” wide knot running horizontally. The knot is slowly going down but after 8 days it is still obvious ( no pain though ).
My last injection was 7/23. It was painless with no knotting but I have a nasty looking bruise.
Can anybody please provide some insight, please?
Also, I’ve read here that you can inject into the quads with insulin needles ie 25g x 5/8”…is that the case? Are there other areas that I should try that qualify as subcutaneous? I’d like to stay with 2x week schedule to maintain steady levels.
Again, any help is greatly appreciated.

The key is to inject slowly, if you inject fast you are guaranteed to get a bruise or knot. I never tried SQ, always do IM using a 29 gauge insulin syringe in the shoulders and outer quads. However changing to IM may remove the benefits of SQ, smoother release.

Thanks System. I don’t think I’m injecting any faster than normal but I’ll go ahead and try to slow it down a bit.
So, you do use insulin needles for IM in your quads? I’ve always understood that you should use 1.25” needles to get deeper into the muscle, but the longer, thicker needles freak me out a bit. 1” x 23g is as big as I’ll go so that’s why the 5/8” x 25g are so attractive to me. I don’t keep up with all of the newest methods of injection but if I can do IM 2x a week with small insulin needles then I’d be happy to try that.

That’s outdated old school doctors still doing 1.0-1.5 inch syringes into muscle. A 1/2 syringe is enough to get into muscle, I’m 33% body fat and I hit muscle every time. I use the insulin syringes every night SQ to inject my ipamorelin into the belly.

Doctors still prescribing 1" -1.5" syringes are living with their heads in the sand. Most doctors never stay updated, they continue to do things as they were taught 20-30 years ago. Advances in medicine happen every day.

Thanks bud!

dont know if this might help but I heard that you can use the lovehandles. The fat in the lovehandles is not that thick so less chance of a bruise.

Love handles? What are love handles? Are you saying I’m fat?!
Just kidding. Yeah, I’ve got love handles. I’ve actually considered injecting in them but just haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for the advice, PK. I’m going to experiment with some different locations using my 25g x 5/8” needles and I’ll post my results here.

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Wait about 10-15 mins after injection and rub and knead site. Do it several times. Problem solved.

Thanks Alpha, I’ll try that. I went into my quad yesterday with an insulin pin and it seems fine but I’d like to have multiple sites available.

My friend says if he injects too shallow , he gets redness, and kinda described what you were saying.

I use 27guage half inch.

He was using 5/8 and had similar issues, switched to 27 and uses rub technique and hes good now.

SubQ 2" left or right of navel using a .5" 29g needle. Never any bruising or knotting. I massage for 15 seconds after I remove the needle.

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