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Bruising/Inflammation on Injection Site?

I was running a BPC 157 cycle for my shoulder and i’m afraid that the needle might have been contaminated, because altough my last injection was almos 2 weeks ago, on the injection site i still have a bruse like spot and it hurts to touch and during bench press. Am i just paranoid or could it be inflamed due to infection? Did anyone had similar experience? Should i visit a doctor?

What type of needle were you using? Is it possible that you simply were too close to a nerve and caused some temporary bruising? Do you have a fever? Is the injection site warm to the touch? On a scale of 1-10 how bad is the pain when touched? Any noticable swelling?

Were you being clean? Alcohol pads and hand washing?

Bruises aren’t usually a sign of infection.

Infection = Swollen, Redness, Hot to touch, painful to touch, pus, or cysts

You may have just hit a nerve, or sensitive spot. It happens.

Try running it under the hot water in the shower if its more of a soreness thing. If its swollen, try ice.

I don’t feel cyst, it’s a 2 pain to touch. but it’s an 8 if i benchpress, also i can’t bench over 315 due to pain, altough previously i benched 365. I don’t have fever. It’s probably just a nerve or something.Thanks guys!!!

Did it hurt when you injected?

I haven’t injected anything before, so i was not comfortable with needles. I used a disposable 29G insulin syringe. There were a few injections that hurt more than the others, but nothing major.

I have a question you may have the answer I’m running Tren E and Test E for about 4 weeks this my 3th cycle but I feel like I’ve had redness and brusing in my injection sites I usually inject in my butt or leg but its giving me like scatica or something causing my lower back to bother me. I thought maybe it was cause I bloated up about 15-20lbs but that’s kinda regulated its effecting my workouts and just walking. You have any idea way maybe the needles or am I not going deep enough?

I’m going to ignore the urge I have to ask why you’re running a 4 week cycle…

As to your question…
It all comes down to your protocol.
What gauge pins are you using? Are you a steady hand or are you moving around all over the place? How much volume are you pushing? How fast? There are many factors that could have the effect you’re describing. Are you actually pinning too close to your sciatic nerve? Don’t do that.
For the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone pins legs…I did it once and the PIP as so bad it took days to recover…never again. Glutes or SubQ all the way; sometime shoulders.

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4 week enanthate cycle. Doesn’t matter where you pin your wasting your time.

Its worries me this is your 3th cycle. Hopefully that scatica doesn’t get any worse.

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U likely scraped a vien…toughen up buttercup…it will be fine in a week

What’s the concentration of your gear? I’ve had high-concentration stuff that hurt so bad, it was like my entire cheek and low back were one big-ass :slight_smile: contusion. Sitting and bending were rough. Fixed the issue by cutting the gear with sterile grapeseed oil. On that subject, you’ll find plenty of content here to help you get that done. But it’s as simple as obtain sterile grapeseed oil. Draw equal part to gear, draw gear in same syringe, inject.

I’m not running a 4 week cycle I’m 4 weeks into a 12 week cycle but your right I think I’m gonna stick to glutes thanks

Got it…your post read like you were only running it for 4 weeks. Good luck.