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Bruising? from lifting

My girlfriend started noticing that there are bruises (sort of) on my upper back and rear shoulders. I thought they were from the squat bar but they are in different areas. Also considered that they might be from the benches but there still doesn’t seem to be a pattern. The weird thing is they seem to be below the skin. Anybody heard of broken capillaries just from weightlifting? I’m not a hemo. Any need to be concerned?

I have the same thing–from benching.

Agreed…benching and squatting are the only ways I get the bruising you’re describing. Like Hyok said, I actually get it more frequently from benching.

I sometimes get them from standing calf raises and squats.And almost always from flagellation,
(my workout partner is a real hardass bitch:)

I can usually avoid the bruises from standing calf raises by shifting the seam on the t-shirt so that it doesn’t go between the shoulders and the pads of the calf machine.

DAMN! I never thought of that excuse…bruises from the squat bar…what a great way to explain away those hickies that are not from your woman!! I could have used that back before I was married!! Great thinking on your feet bro!! I am in awe!! LMAO!

I get those bruises from the standing calf raise - good thing they fade quickly.