bruising after pullups?

So in my quest to keep up the pullups, I’ve been doing the Arnold style do 50 pushups no matter how many sets it takes you. Have had no problems, till this week. It took me about 12 sets and I noticed my left arm got a little more sore than usual. The next day my entire inside forearm was black and blue; it settled down over the week to a very definite knotted-up, raised bruise about the size of my fist. Looks like it’s healing up nicely, but it was rather strange. A pull? A sprain? What the heck?
da elfling

Ummmmmm that’s not right. Possibly you fall and go boom and not remember? Were you also following arnolds idea of postworkout beer? Maybe your drunken ass fell down and you didn’t feel it? Seriously a raised bumb the size of your fist? Sounds like a hematoma. Big ass bruise. I like using big words to sound smart. However all I did was waste your time by posting this pointless drivel. Sorry. Heheh. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you popped a vein and got a hematoma. I’ve never seen anyone get one without contact though, although I suppose it’s entirely possible.

lol :wink: No, no post-workout beer here…eww, alkie-carbs!

Well someone else agrees with my hematoma post. I guess your fragile Elven physiology couldn’t take pull ups maybe you should go back to pull downs! Muhahahah. Just kidding. :slight_smile: However that is a very odd injury. Are you a hemopheliac(spelling)? :slight_smile:

I thought I replied to this… anyway, maybe it got lost. I know a guy who was doing pullups (underhand, chin-style) and came down too hard on one of them which stressed out his elbow joint pretty badly. He got a similar bruise to what you described. He didn’t have any problems after he started controlling the descent better. A little late, but it’s just an idea for the future.