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Bruises from Cleans

Mostly out of curiosity, but also out of concern for form, I was wondering if other people get a bruise or two for a few days near their collar bone after doing heavy cleans. No one seems to mention it, despite the numerous complaints present about squat bars and such. Maybe that’s just because no one does cleans.

yea i get them. also cut up my knees when i fuck up!

I get them, too. I think they look awesome, though, so I never worried about it.

I used to bruise on my quads where I would use them to slow the weight on the way down. That was more of a problem. That was before my gym had bumper plates.

Between cleans and front squats I’m always bruised on my shoulders and around my collarbone.

Hell yeah I get them. My shins and collar bone are constantly scraped up from deads and cleans.

I like to call them my ‘battle wounds’

[quote]mthomps wrote:

I like to call them my ‘battle wounds’[/quote]

Chicks dig scars.

You get used to it after a while, its just a little pain that comes with the game.

I used to always get them. Haven’t done cleans in a while though. :frowning:

And the scraping happens too, and hair getting caught gets annoying also.

To the OP, we don’t discuss this because it has been discussed and most people just truly don’t care. Not trying to diss you, but that’s how it is.

(PS- This is totally off topic, but 2 more posts until 1000)

Sometimes I forget to position my head and smack myself under my chin, which surprises the hell out of me. I know that it is time to move the weight up when that happens.