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Bruises After Bench Pressing


While attempting to shave my hairy back last night I noticed bruises behind both shoulders. The bruises dont cause any pain but are fairly large. I dont want to stop benching or anything like that and dont think that this is a serious problem. Is this normal or is it a shoulder problem or a form issue? Can upload pics if its necessary.. Again these are bruises slightly below the rear delt.


post pics


Then why make it an issue ?.. I get bruising on my traps and shoulders whenever i squat.. it's painless and is normally gone within a couple days.


Because I would like to avoid future injuries or maybe my form is improper I can fix it. My shoulders and traps get bruised after squatting but thats because the bar is on them. Why would my rear delts be bruised after benching theirs no weight on them. Although i do retract my shoulder blades and tuck my elbows I dont see how that could cause bruising and wondering if it is a shoulder mobility issue which I would like to correct.


If you found bruises because you could see the area, not because it hurt, I wouldn't worry about it much.


thanks for the feedback man was just trying to get a few opinions. Didnt want to wake up one day with my shoulder blade where my lat is and be like oh I think im benching wrong lol .


I used to get that all the time... Not so much anymore. Not sure why that is.


I think it's along the line of callouses. Your body just builds up a tolerance to it.


I'm pretty sure its just ruptured capilaries near the surface of the skin, caused by the abrasion of the bench to your back, having something to do with the angle between your humerus and torso. I.e., your upper arm is squashing that skin by your rear delt between itself and the bench.

I get this all the time and my guess is that its nothing to worry about since its only skin deep... even less of an issue than the bruising from the squat bar, since that can actually hurt and be a distraction at your next squat session if its bad enough. I'm willing to bet that if you were to bench every 2-3 days for a while, they would go away and not come back since your skin would adapt in that area and toughen up.

Kind of like how at the beginning of full contact practice in football season everyone's arms are black and blue for a couple weeks.


Yeah after my bench session today i realized that my rear delts do touch against the bench and saw red marks after. no biggie i thought it was something more then skin deep since i didnt think my rear delts touched the bench.