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Bruised/Swollen Knee

I noticed that my left knee has become extremely tender, especially when I bend it or kneel on it. I took a close look at it and noticed bruise marks coming out from the underside. I know that I did not hit it on anything to cause the bruising, and I have not been doing anything extreme workout-wise. Has anyone had this happen? I have been putting ice on it, which seems to help. I have never had a knee just swell up like this.

I have had a similar pain when kneeling esp below (not under) the cap, aggravated by a crappy form heavy squat, a bit of rest,lighter weights and increased stretching helped. Check out the link here for more info. sportsinjuryclinic.net/cybertherapist/front/knee/allknee.htm

I can’t explain how or why that happened. But, I can suggest that you take some Bromlean. It’s cheap. It’s an enzyme from pineapples that boxers take because it ‘eats’ bruises. Bromlean is also in raw steak (which was why old timers used it for bruises), but its more concentrated in pineapple. Take as much as you can and the bruises will be gone in a day or two.