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Bruised Quad From Lifting?

Last night I was in the shower and noticed a bruise on my upper quad. I didn’t get hit there by anything…does that mean I got it from lifting? I have been experiencing pain in my joints when I’ve tried to squat. I avoided the squats for a bit and focused on just using machines until the pain subsided. Anyway, what’s up with the bruise and should I stop working out my legs for a bit?

I’ve also been experiencing some pain in my left arm, but I’m still lifting despite it, because it’s not that bad.

I imagine you did not tear one of the quad muscles or you would be in some pretty bad pain most likely.

You are not in pretty bad pain are you?

There is no big lump of tissue somewhere in your thigh is there?

I get odd bruises all the time that I don’t know where they come from. Just something that happens when you are around a lot of heavy iron I think.

And just a side note is that video in your avatar for real? That’s brutal.

No, I’m not in severe pain.

Yes, it’s real…I feel bad for the doggie, but shit it’s funny!

when I swing dumbells up onto my legs for a db bench press I have gotten bruises on my quads

If you powerclean, it’s likely the bar made violent impact to your quads.

No, nothing has ever hit me there. I think I got it from squatting or the leg press.

I’ve been frustrated with my lower body workouts lately due to pain in my hip joints and right knee. I think I need to work on my form.

Firstly, I couldnt stop laughing watching your avatar. Secondly, your bruise seems strange. I usually get such a bruise when I’m incline dumbbell benching and I kinda slam the weight down on my quad when I’m ending the set. Id suggest doing bodyweight squats and so you can nail the form properly.

I get random injuries that I don’t remember how they got there all the time. Maybe you were deadlifting, and somehow when you were lifting the bar past your knees, you bruised your quad.

Also, are you getting enough iron in your diet? That also may be one of your problems since you are bruising easily. Reevaluate what you are eating.