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Bruised Injection Site


Hi guys I’m from the TRT section please advise on the below Some bad news:

After taking the test injection my wife gave me. Let me rewind, she was able to inject in the glute/Ass and aspirate without a problem she said she got a bubble after aspirating which I assume is no problem. She then went ahead to inject and took her 1 minute of struggling and shaking hands to inject the oil…

Now I have a bruise on my ass and it’s like a big bubble inside my ass. It’s not warm or anything just hurts when I poke it.

Should I go to the ER for them to check on this? We’re pretty sure she didn’t hit a vein since she aspirated… but maybe the shaky hands moves the neeelde so much around in the muscle causing scaring and bruising?

Should I post a picture?


Probably bent needle injecting, urgent care best bet , if you have infection best get it soon. Urgent care cheaper than emergency room.


Sometimes this happens, inexperience or hard to reach place, a new injection site, type of steriod, may cause irritation without an infection. The bubble, or marble effect happens sometimes too. I can’t say actually what it is, I just thought its the deposit of testosterone taking its time being absorbed by the body.


Ive bruised my leg injecting trt, i sneezed half way through, pharmaceutical grade. Wasnt as worried Ive been told a heating pad will help dissolve quicker.
When we got ass shots in navy told us to roll back and forth on ass to help disperse fluid.
Just saying go to urgent care before emergency room, if that much concern.
What do you think of standing and thigh injections seems fine in glutes.


Thanks guys, the swelling has gone down somewhat in addition to the ball becoming smaller. Nothing to worry about I guess.


I’ve noticed a few times I’ve had bruising, it’s from pushing the plunger in and “moving” the entire need. Also, pulling the needle “up and down” why trying to push the plunger does it to. Gotta be as steady as one can with it. Having one-arm, it’s quite fun to not do any of this when I aspirate.


@strongmanjoe @mwhities @Beyond_Beyond @verne your thoughts? Also il be removing the picture after your feedback if it’s not allowed to post


How long of a needle? I use 1" 25g to inject and only time I’ve had that happen was when I pulled out the needle a little while injecting. Make sure it doesn’t move in and out while injecting.


It was 23g 1 or 1.25 not sure… and yes my wife’s hand was shaking a lot and it was very hard for her to inject from what she said the pain isn’t so much it’s just looking scary :frowning:


At this point that looks harmless. It looks like you hit a vain. You want the medical term it’s called a hematoma. When you did it applying pressure for 10 minutes would have helped a lot Bit at this point you’re fine. The discoloration should get a little uglier before it gets better. the lump or swelling was blood. That lump should be getting smaller now. ice is nice. Do not take aspirin or anything else that will thin your blood.


The bruising is probably from moving the needle around. Sounds like she hit some scar tissue. Do you rotate sites? If not, you should. Use the quads too. My wife injects me. We’ve had a few bad reactions but what do you expect from injecting every 3 days? Its a lot. Stick with it or move to subQ injections.


But do not take the redness lightly if that grows or spreads. and it is warm and tender. you go to a doctor. it could mean you infected something. Again it doesn’t really look like that it looks like plain old-fashioned blood or bruising


Well… we aspirated! how come it went into a vein? do you mean when hands were shaking it touched a vain? it is getting nice and icing it![quote=“studhammer, post:12, topic:223440”]
Do you rotate sites?

No we just do the glutes for now each week left glute then right glute… might change to subQ or try the delts, but we used 1 inch last time, were gna use 1.5 inch this time so it might be better…

If it grows or spreads will go to the ER ASAP.

I concluded that for now its safe and its hematoma and will ice it and use 1.5 Inch or Subq from now on.


You were not in it, you nicked it, or passed through it. Its not that rare
a thing to do. Especially if someone is shaky. It is not a big deal really.


I really think you’d be happier with upper quads than delts. Way more muscle. Also, if your wife is not around for some reason and its time for your shot, then you can easily give it to yourself. I do this alot when my wife is busy. I’m talking right where your quad muscle ties into your hip. It has very little veins and is damn near painless.


The picture doesn’t look too bad. Not an ideal reaction to an injection, but not an infection. I probably get that 1-3 times during every cycle.
In my case due to the difficulty of a hard to reach site, and the best part of 3mls in one spot. It takes quite a bit of time to inject that amount without forcing it in with too much pressure.


I have had it happen twice, both times when i pulled needle out a little blood came out. Should have sore area there about 2-3 days. I used to really struggle injecting 400mg at once, 50mg is so much easier. I also use same g needle as you, I fear my wife giving me a injection lol


I might inject myself I dunno she seems to be more scared then me I think the problem is we use a 1’ needle and not 1.5 also which causes this shaking and other problems and also the oil wouldn’t inject it was so hard to push… maybe because it was on the fat and not muscle

![quote=“studhammer, post:16, topic:223440”]
I really think you’d be happier with upper quads than delts.

I have heard so much from doctors and other to not inject in the quads… that’s why I never considered it…

I am going to be doing this for life an I am on TRT… and I do want to try Subq, but I’m worried about the results of subq… there positive and negative comments on them so I dunno


The area colors are now gone, but the lump might have gotten just a tiny bit bigger… saw some horror videos of drainage now I don’t wana see a doctor for it… anything other then ice at this point??


You are making this far more complicated than it is. If you have an abscess you will know. They do not feel good. They are also not that dangerous by nature they are contained. If you have a uncontained infection, again you would know by now. I would say you worry far to much. Your wife hit you with the subtlety of a sewing machine. Basically you have a bruise. Relax yes ice is good. Watch it but do not worry about it. You will know if it is a problem.