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Bruise Appeared on Bicep


Went through my normal back and biceps routine, it was a "heavy day" which consists of using a weight for 4-6 reps. After my workout while stretching I noticed a bruise on my right bicep. I believe it to be a busted blood vessel, but just wanted to pick the brains of people here. key notes:
*No pain
*No loss of ROM
*No loss of Grip strength
*No pain while flexing as hard as I can

I have torn, pretty bad, my left bicep so I know what that feels like and this current situation feels nothing like that. I'm taking a few days off and if I dont think it's getting better I will go see a doctor.

Thanks in Advance

*edit: not sure why the pic is upside down, so I apologize for that.


Hey Dytrainer, I think it's just a busted blood vessel, nothing serious.


that's my thinking too. appreciate the feedback