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BruceLeeFan Training Log


24th August 2009.

6PM: Peri-Nutrition (1 Scoop Maximuscle Cyclone added to 700ml water) *Note - I don't often do this as this brand gives me palpitations and tension headaches.

6:15PM: Bent-over BB rows - 6x6 starting at 42kg going up in increments of 5kg. *Note - First time doing these.

Barbell military press - 8 reps x 3 sets at 42kg. *Note - This is a 5kg increase since I started these 2 weeks ago.

BB Bench Press - 6x6 starting at 42kg going up in increments of 5kg. *Note - May need to go heavier for the first 3-4 sets.

BB Hack Squats - 62kg 12 reps x 2 sets. *Note - awkward as hell to do. NEED squat rack.

BB Deadlifts - 62kg for 9 reps, 72kg for 7 reps, 82kg for 6 reps. *Note - Need to work harder on these, might place them first in the next workout.

2mins 30 seconds cycling at the end. *Note - I like to do these as a warm down...

7:14PM: finished workout.


26th August 2009.

Deadlifts: 180 x 6, 158 x 6, 135 x 6, 135 x 6 reps. 158 x 6reps.
BB Bench Press: 103lbs x 6, 114 x 6, 125 x 6, 136 x 6, 147 x 3 :frowning:
BB Military Press - 81 x 8reps x 3sets
BB Bent-over rows - 92 x 12 x 2sets…

Ergh… It looks like so little but it really fucked me over.


28th August 2009.

BB Bent-Over Rows: 92 x 12 x 2sets.
BB Military Press: 81 x 8 x 3sets.
BB Bench Press: 103 x 6, 125 x 6, 125 x 6, 136 x 4, 136 x 4, 147 x 3.
BB Deadlifts: 147 x 6, 169 x 6, 188 x 6.


29th August 09.


60lbs Barbell.

Squats, military press, Romanian deadlift, reverse curls, shrugs, bent over rows.

6 reps, 5 reps, 4 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps, 1 rep


31st August 09.

20Min walk - Morning.

Incline BB Bench Press: 105x6, 115x6, 125x6, 125x6, 115x6, 105x6.
BB bent-over row: 115x8, 115x8, 115x8.
DB Curl: 35-40x8, 35-40x8, 27-32x10.
DB Tricep Extension: 27-32x12x2
BB Military press: 95x6, 80x6, 60x12
Deadlifts: 150x12x2.


02nd September 09.

Deadlifts: 150x12x2
BB Military Press: 95x8, 80x8, 70x8
DB Curl (Supersetted with DB Tri-extension): 27-32x12 22-27x12.
DB Tri-extension (Supersetted with DB Curl): 27-32x12 22-27x12.
BB Bent over row: 95x12x2
BB Bench Press Incline: 95x12, 105x12. (Highest incline on my bench)


04th September 09.

BB Bench Press High-Incline: 105x8
BB Bench Press Medium-Incline: 115x8
BB Bench Press: 125x8
BB Military Press: 95x8 (Struggled for 8 reps… This lift seems to be getting worse)
BB Bent over row: 95x12 105x9 125x6
Deadlifts: 160x6, 170x6, 180x6, 185.5x6
Tricep Bar Hammer curls: 40x8x2
Tricep Bar Extension: 40x8x2

I was so tired… I’m really bothered about the lack of progress with the Military press which is weak as hell… I might start doing some stuff with DB’s for my delts with a focus on speed. The lack of energy is horrible as well. I’m getting good peri-workout meals in… I think it must be from lack of sleep.


05th September 09.

Tricep Bar Hammer Curls: 40x12x2
Tricep Bar Extension: 40x6x4
BB Mix Grip Curls: 70x8x3
Plate/Disc Curls: 3x5kg discs: 12 reps.
Tricep Bar Bench: 40x25reps.

Just wanted to go in today and do an easy ish workout with a focus on my arms.


06th September 09.

100 Parallette push ups in sets of 10. Supersetted with leg raises sets of 10, 100 reps.


07th September 09.

Shorter workout due to no rest for 2 days.

BB Bench Press: 115lbs x 5reps, 125x5, 135x5, 145x5, 155x3.
BB Military Press: 95x3, 105x3, 115x3.


I’ve decided to re-open my log.

Shortly after my last entry in the months following up to January '10 my stats were as follows.

January '10

Weight: 164lbs
Age: 19
Bench Press: 180x5
Military press: 120x8
Deadlift: 200x8
Bent over BB row: 150x6

(I got a pretty bad shoulder injury during a light session on the bench, it still nags me now so I took a hiatus and it ended up being from January - Sep '10 for many reasons.)


Heres my newest stats since I’ve started lifting again.

Weight: 152lbs
Height: 5’7


Weight: 154lbs
Height: 5’7


Chest: 40"
Arms: 13.5"
Waist: 32"
Calves: 15.5"


weight: 160lbs


squats: 65lbs x 20 reps

60lbs x 6 x 2
80 x 5 x 1
100 x 5 x 1
110 x 3 x 2
120 x 5 x 3


80 x 5 x 1
100 x 5 x 1
125 x 5 x 1
135 x 3 x 1
145 x 2 x 1
175 x 1 x 1 ( not my actual “1rm” )