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BruceLeeFan' Log 2011 Unbelievable Results & Smashing Expectations

So my training life has been hectic. Injuries, lack of food, hiatus and limitations of the home gym.

So far:
September 2006 weight: 174lbs height:5’2 - fat. Wasn’t lifting. Just fat fat fat.
September 2007 weight: 140lbs height:5’5 - skinny. Cardio and more cardio.
September 2008: Weight: 122lbs height:5’6 - skinny as hell. Bad weight lifting.
September 2009: weight: 147lbs height:5’7 - added some weight.
December 2009: weight: 166lbs height:5’7 - exploded, proper split training. Still hadn’t incorporated any squats. Injured my shoulder.

November 2010:
Hadn’t worked out since December '09. Had dwindled away to 150lbs. Lost my job and vowed to achieve my original goals in the gym.

December 2010: Started mark rippetoes starting strength. Had increased my calories during november and had got to 155lbs ready for starting the program in december.

January 1st 2011: height: 5’7 weight: 170lbs
Not even getting started yet. That’s the mental thing. I don’t have any of my supplements yet. Sitting on a low’ish calorie diet of 3k per day. I don’t limit it here but it’s what I shoot for. I can increase that number whenever the weight stops piling on.

I don’t know where a year of full training will take me. I’ve never done it. At most I’ve trained for 6months without doing some retarded program or a retarded diet…

Follow this log. I think considering the insane amounts of weight I pile on easily that some amazing results are going to happen this year.

Following up on my previous post these are my size stats.

Height: 5’7
Weight: 170lbs
Chest: 40" this bodypart doesn’t grow like my others.
Arms: 14"
Top legs:22" 2 inches on these since I incorporated squats.
My issue with squats is simply that I don’t have access to a squat rack. I have to clean and press the weight. Lower it to my shoulders and then behind neck press it when I’m done with my squats. So I’m limited by my strength in the pressing and so on. I’m seeing linear progress with these but I can’t really push myself without the danger of dropping it on my head or getting stuck with the weight on my back.
Calves: 16" I’ve never trained them.

Lifting stats:

So in comparison to 2009 before I injured my shoulder, my lifts are weaker by a lot.

Deadlift: 200lbs - about 12 reps max on these I don’t ever go higher than 12 reps. I don’t have any more weight to put on the bar right now.

BB Overhead press: 125lbs x 6

BB Back Squat: Considering all the limitations I currently do 120 x 5 x 5.

BB Bench: Was at a point 200 x 5 x 3 now I’m only comfortable with BW x 5. I never used to lower the bar to my chest in 2009 which is something I’m very keen on doing now. I understand the importance of form more, my shoulder gets aggravated easily.

BB Bent Over Rows: 160 x 4

Power Cleans: 130 x 8 I use these as I need to keep my overhead press and clean higher than the squat and I keep all of them within 5lbs of eachother depending on what I feel the importance of strength during each portion of the way I’m having to do squats is.

The way I go about progression:

Simple really.

I don’t go looking for PR’s in every workout. Each workout I look at my previous workout, see where I can go for more reps on a heavier weight than I did last workout. Up to a max of 5 reps in line with recommendations for starting strength.

For example during my ramping/warm-up sets…
If I did a weight for 3 reps then slightly heavier for 2 reps, I might go for the weight I used last time for 2 reps and do 5.
If I reach 5 reps for sets of 3 on my heaviest set I will go for as many reps as possible on the last set. If I get above 8 the next workout I will do 5 sets of 5 reps. Only then I might entertain increasing the weight.
I like this slow linear progression, it’s a lot different to what I’ve done before and it keeps off injury.

I also look where I am stalling and although I don’t really stall at the moment, I’ve planned for it. Other than increasing calories, due to being on starting strength, not the highest volume program in the world I will look for where I am failing in the lift. Add a fourth day and work on that area.

I’m gaining a lot of weight quickly right now so planning for continued progression is vital.

Planning Future Programs:

I’m going to stick with starting strength until I have respectable lifts. After this I will be moving on to something high volume. A split most likely. I’m a fan of 3 and 4 day splits and I think that’s fine for someone who has just built up a basic strength level.

I’ve had moderate success before with chest/tricep, back/bicep, shoulders and I’ll add a fourth in for legs.

As I continue to gain size and strength I will consider doing one of two things.
Depending on my financial situation, being self-employed - I have a lot of time on my hands now.
I could go for either 2 a days e.g morning chest, pm triceps.
Or split each bodypart and dedicate a day to it.

This is a few years away though.

Thoughts on recovery:

I workout monday, wed, fri.

I like this approach, I’ve never used it before always having opted for;
Week A: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
Week B: Tue, Thur, Sat.

I like having the two extra days for recovery on the weekend.

I also have some strong opinions on post workout nutrition but at the moment I don’t have the money to match my thoughts.

Sleep I feel 8 hours is minimum and a good sleep to me is 10 hours… I don’t set an alarm at the moment so really I sleep until I wake up. I use ZMA as well.

Diet is a mix of addressing needs for various factors. Recovery is of course one of those factors so I do have a very simply approach to the days when I work out which is just add in a 1k cal pizza. additionally on the days I don’t work out I tend to live off of tuna, milk, pasta, oatmeal and protein shakes with various other meals. Steak etc etc.

I suppose when you look at it like that my diet is fairly ‘clean’ but I don’t really think so.

I know I haven’t been active in this log, but unfortunately I just haven’t had the time, I’ve moved house and apart from that life is just hectic in general especially my current lifting routine.

Just as a minor update then, until I can post on this log every time I lift I’ll lay down some stats.

Weight: 175
Height: 5’7

Bench: 180 x 5 - I suck at these, shoulder issues abound with too much volume.
Deadlift: 240 x 2
Squat: Still waiting for a squat rack but 140 x 10
Press: 150 x 6
Barbell Curl: 105 x 6

Got a longer barbell today, it’s a 6foot instead of my 5foot bar.

Lifts sure feel different, on the plus side my delts don’t seem to get fried quite so much during bench with this new longer bar.