Bruce Smith's healthy habits

On the last Redskins game, it was mentioned that Bruce Smith was very strict with is health and how it led him to have such a long carreer. Can anyone divulge information as to what he did?

he played about 5 years longer than he should have…came back this year to get 2 sacks to disgrace, i mean, break Reggie White record…by the way, it took him 16 games to get 2 sacks. He is a fraud.

If I am going to look for this type of training information, I would look at guys like Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, and other players that not only have/had unbelievably long careers but were able to give and receive hit after hit and rarely ever miss games.

Why are people so fascinated by what elite athletes do?

I can’t say i know any of their training practices… however…on the point of Bruce Smith being a fraud??
IL Cazzo… why would you say that?
16 games to get 2 sacks… so… how many NFL sacks do you have? I don’t idolize any pro athletes… however you have got to respect their physical abilities. Especially in regards to Bruce Smith, the man has been playing D-Line forever. You don’t have to like him… but a fraud…no way.

if he wasn’t good he’d have never been in the game so long

Coming from a Skins fan… you have to whine a whole lot about a coach not wanting to play you if you get benched. Point fingers, get angry when your teammates get a sack that you wanted. Things like that will keep you in great shape.

Currently I dont have any NFL sacks, but I do have quite a few high school, college and NIFL sacks…Definetly not the NFL but its just fine.
I said he’s a phony because he WAS great…but to play the last few seasons just to break the record was insane. What if Reggie came out of retirement, played one game, got a sack, then re-retired? What kind of man would that make him?

And what does my NFL sack total have to do with anything? How many NFL sacks do you have? Just because I’m not in the NFL doesnt mean I dont know when a guy is being a jack off.
How man Gold medals have Waterbury, Staley, Davies, and Berardi won? See your logic stands up nicely.

Well that didnt take long to get off topic. I do remember that when he did a potato chip commercial for Lays with Cliff Claven he would spitout the chips instead of eating them. I don’t know why we are intrested in elite athletes, perhaps because maybe we believe that by doing what they do we can become bigger, faster, or stronger than them. Oh well, the skins are lame so does it really matter if he stuck around too long? I am afraid the new NFL attitude will not mesh with Gibbs. I could be wrong, but times have changed.

You obviously do not understand my logic Cazzo. You may not agree with what him comming out of retirement just to get the sack record, but calling him a fraud.?? The man wants to hold the all time sack record, big deal. I did not play in the NFL either, college was the farthest i got, but to call a man a fraud because he came out of retirement to try an break a record… of yeah… that really makes him a fraud. Forget the previous 16 years he played and everything he did to get to the point of even having a shot at the record… lets just call him a fraud. Oh yeah…and you can “what if” all day long… what if Jordan came out of retirement… (again) or Reggie… yeah they would all by frauds by your logic.

Bruce Smith? Why him?

I would surely look to others (some have been mentioned) for answers to this question. I don’t think Bruce did all that much for the game during the last few years either.

It is funny that the guy has to be an all-pro to stay in the game.

Here is a question for you: was Bruce Smith more productive than his back-up…yes…so he should stay. Unless you think he could make more money using his degree…hmmm…i do not think so.

The man is an athlete, and a great one… he would still beat the piss out of most anyone who posts here… except of course for the guy with all those high school and college sacks, the legendary, bad to the bone, Il Cazzo!!!Who is definitelyhard to the core compared to the ‘fraud’… maybe Il just got slighted on draft day.

Reggie held the record, and he played for many years after his prime. Babe Ruth certainly played for many years after his prime… most athletes do. Do records motivate guys like Bruce Smith to stay in the game…yep. Does money… yep. Does the fact that he is a warrior and knows little else…yep.

Are you, IL Cazzo, in a postion to label a person as a fraud because he still has goals to reach…nope. Do you look not very bright doing so… yep. Armchair commentators are a fraud… and the only fraud. Unless you are a psychic (to truly know what motivates Bruce) and have walked away from the NFL, all the money, all the respect, all the glory, and the ability to do battle on a weekly basis, then keep it shut.

If anyone cared what you had to say about one of the best defensive ends in the history of the game, YOU WOULD GET PAID FOR IT. You would be sittin’ next to fat-ass Madden running your sewer. But, you aren’t… suprise, suprise.

I just wish guys like you had to pay for your mouths… I would love it if Bruce came over and crammed all your high school trophies up your resentful ass. Just like bad ass Jim Rome calling Chris Everrett “Chrissy”. When it was time to anti-up, Rome showed his true colors… pink.

So, please stick to commenting on things you know about. Bruce Smith was still a productive player to the end… maybe overpaid, but productive. Was he all-pro? No. Were you? No. Did he make the bigs… yes… did you?. No.

Are you psychic? No.

So, was Bruce a fraud? Never. He was a hell of a player.

Hell, I don’t even really like him as a player, but I am never going to say he was a fraud… he did too much… he played too many games… he did it, you did not.

Il Cazzo, if you put your career on paper, he wouldn’t wipe his ass with it.

End of story.

Bruce Smith, why did he go the Skins to win a Super Bowl his legacy will not be complete if he does not do that. And also he had 5 sack this session not 2. So how is he a fraud? I can’t figure that out. Actually, I thought he was underrated when he was playing in the 80’s with Buffalo. Where LT got all the spotlight and he got crapped on. Eventhough, LT was high on coke half the time if not all the time when he was playing.

It seems we’ve strayed a bit from the initial question here folks.

Outside of the chip commercial, i haven’t heard any of Bruce’s eating habits. However, I’m interested in his diet simply because he played DE at a high lever for over a decade. I think that is harder than Jerry rice being a receiver because He isn’t 270lbs, or hit every play of every game by a 300 lb + lineman. Longevity in the trenches is more impressive than on the perimeter.