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Bruce Lee's W.O. Plan

Hey people have you ever wondered how Bruce Lee was so freakin strong, agaile, and ripped. He prolly had some type of knowledge about excercise but i don’t think that post workout and all these mrp and extra protein stuff we see today were going across his head. I know he went through some tough training but was that it? He most have had 4% of B. Fat…

From what i heard, he was chemically assisted too.

One can assume he started at a VERY young age…

Staley has an excellent article on Lee at his myodynamics site. Yes, he most likely did use steroids at times according to most, including Staley. He trained like a madman too and had those lean Asian genetics to begin with.

Not to knock Bruce Lee, but there’s a lot of compelling evidence to suggest that he had a raging case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That may explain why he was able to train God knows how many hours per day (he HAD to). He was an early proponent of incorporating weight training into MA routines and got wonderful results from his own program. This, coupled with good genetics, and possibly a little vitamin-T, goes a long way towards explaining his phenomal achievements as a martial artist and his physique. If anyone thinks that they’re going to achieve results like his by simply “doing what he did” I suggest they pick up one of those Medic Alert bracelets. It will come in handy.