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Bruce Lee's Stats?


I was just wounding how big was Bruce Lee, height and weight???

thank you, for helping


If I remember correctly, he was approx. 5' 7" - 5' 8" and about 135 lbs.


He wasn't big at all. He was extremely ripped. If you want to know more search his name here on T-Nation. There was an extensive thread that was really good until it deteriorated.


At the time of his death he was recorded to have been 125 lbs. Took just over 2 years to lose about 10 lbs. of fat.


I think I was 8 years old the last time I considered Bruce Lee even remotely "big". I guess to someone who weighs 85lbs, the 125lbs man is a giant.


If I could choose between looking like Flex Wheeler in his prime, or being Bruce Lee, I would pick Bruce in a heartbeat.

Let the flames begin!


I think you beat us to it.


that's actually right on the money according to some of the books i have. also, when he was filming "Enter the Dragon" he was 127lbs. at some points of production. but he was mostly in the 130's most of his fighting life.


I have the book "Expressing the human body" and it has Bruce Lee's stats and measurements in them. Prepare to be disappointed. He had 13 inch arms. When I get home, I will post them.


Yeah... but he had forearms and lats on lock!
Especially lats!


Unless his forearms were somehow larger than his upper arms, how did he have them "on lock"? A 12" forearm isn't exactly stunning or that impressive. If it was less than that, even moreso. The guy was ripped. That is all he was. He was a legendary fighter, but he wasn't that developed. You could simply see the muscle he did have because he had very little body fat.


I've got it too! Outstanding book, not a huge guy, but looked big. He had a awesome lat spread; could apply power to his kicks/punches like no one else back in his day. his muscles were funcional that's for sure. His last few yrs. his bodywt. was like a yo-yo.


between 127 and 135

Noone here, I hope, is dissing Bruce for what he was. But let there be no argument, big, he was not.



he sure did
send out some ripples
after he hit the water.


Please don't let this turn into the TSB-marathon the other Bruce Lee thread was...


Shall we make this thread the official home of BLAST?

(That's the Bruce Lee Appreciation Society at T-Nation.)


What I have always read was he was 5'9". Judging from some pictures of him standing next to Chuck Norris, Bob Wall and others, and his head to body porportion, that might be true. I've also read that he was anywhere from 128 to 165 through out different periods in his life. Looking at some pics when he was youger (like early 20's), he did appear to be heavier (probably like 150 or even 155, but not 165).


Bruce Lee was tha man! Too bad his life was so short. I agree with Prof X, if you were around 7 or 8 years old when he was alive, he sure LOOKED huge. But he sure was strong in mind and body.


Yeah, what the hell is with that shit. I had an ex-girlfriend say that Leonardo DiCaprio was muscular in some shitty movie or other. Some people just can't tell the difference in muscular and ripped. I dont care when it was in their careers but Leonardo, and Bruce were not big or muscular.


Yeah me too! Bruce had wayyyyy much more functional muscle. Are you kidding, Flex was weak as hell, like all bodybuilders.