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Bruce Lee

Somebody once told me a while back that Bruce Lee had 0%BF. Back then, I was too stupid to know to call BS on their statement.

It actually sorta got me thinking. If there is anybody to have 0%BF it would probably be Bruce Lee.

Anybody hear anything similar?

You can’t have 0%. At least not while staying alive and/or healthy.

Maybe if someone was really rounding the number down a lot, say .99%. Still don’t think it’s possible though.

Don’t know bout 0%bf, but I heard that back in his Hong Kong streetfighting days he once tore the heart out of his opponent’s chest and showed it to em while it was still pumping!

but he did use a chain for a belt - tip for those of you goin to biker bars.

Look at some photos of him and you can tell that his bodyfat was probably around 5%. You can also tell that he was about 135 lbs. at 5’7. Here’s an intersting factoid for you: He was also the cha-cha champion of Hong Kong when he was in his teens.

You need at least 3% BF just to function normally. Anyone who claims less than that and is still standing upright is lying to you.

Another things: whatever bodyfat level you have under the skin, you will always have backup under the abs, near/around the intestines.

By the way, what is the real cause of death of Bruce Lee? One website says he died of an overdose and the body was found in his mistress`s bed. Another says a blood clot at the brain. Another says unkown causes.

Reading how much of a performance freak he was, the first option could be very very possible. Its not like its going to get easier getting old, and if the guys never satisfied at his prime, chemical compensation will be a necessity eventually, if not only to keep ones gains.

Anyway. Feel free to correct me. I`m far from being an expert. Just a fan. =0)

Bruce Lee was on steroids. His brain swelled one day during an “off cycle”. His kidneys started to fail him, but then he would pump himself full of 'roids, and he’d be fine. When he was “off”, he would be a mess, hence there was only 1 movie of him in a jogging suit. Look at his face in that movie (I forget the name) and you’ll see he looks fat and bloated.

Bottom line: His brain swelled and the intra-cranial pressure cut off his stem and he died from it.

The autopsy report read cereberal edema brought on by an alergic reaction to an analgesic tablet. But the rumors persist. Last I heard, he and Elvis were hanging out at a KFC in Branson, Missouri.

I second that. You can’t have 0% BF and live. Hell you can’t have less than 3% and live, or function for that matter. Crazy thing called fat-soluble vitamins. Can’t store them if you don’t have fat.