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Bruce Lee Was Small and He's Dead


Since some of you think you can continue to start threads about Bruce Lee's super physique I decided to start a Bruce Lee is small thread.
How small was Bruce Lee?
He was smaller than my grandmother (who has also passed away).

Although Granny couldn't use numchuks like Bruce could I'll bet ya she baked a better apple pie.

So Bruce Lee is a small dead martial artist/actor.
My Grandmother (God rest her soul) baked apple pie.

The moral of the story is that we remember Granny with love and affection but don't bring her up all the time praising her baking skills.
Bruce Lee was a good guy but he is now dead a long time and there have been a dozen threads ad naseum on his fighting skills and all the rest of the garbage.
Let him sleep in peace and give us a break as well.


Not only was he small while alive, but I heard Bruce got even smaller in death.

I didn't think that was even possible.


The irony of you not posting this on one of the many PREVIOUSLY created threads about the man.


Is less than you posting here to tell me I should have posted on the many previously created threads.

Anyway...I like my own space.


Finest hour in Cinema history ?

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon. Both guys have insired millions to fill this forum with complete bollocks.


Just a relevant thought since you brought up Granny the Good Baker (may she rest in peace), how often do we have "Best Baker" threads on T-Nation? This could be a reason why she isn't brought up as often as Bruce Lee.

While Granny may have been a great baker of pie, I doubt she was a pioneer, i.e. the first pie baker in the U.S. that taught non-pie-bakers how to bake with the threat of being ostracized by her peers. There are a lot of dead people that are discussed frequently.

People can debate how good a martial artist or physical specimen Bruce Lee was or wasn't. The fact remains that he started a martial arts trend in the U.S. by opening up the instruction to non-Asians when it was not cool to do so. He also was a pioneer in breaking with the traditional ways of teaching martial arts. Like him or not, he will likely be a topic of discussion for years to come.

Another thing for the flamers to come, regardless of whether or not he was the first to do what I've written above, he is acknowledged to be the first, much like a Spanish Jew is an Italian-American hero for discovering America when in fact he wasn't.

Did Granny do this with pie baking?



If you dont like a thread dont click on it or flame/post in it. Its as simple as that.....


Good point DB.

Without Bruce Lee, Johnny Cage would never have been born, and that means no nut-punches on that showboating Asian, Liu Kang.

The world wouldn't have been the same.


That's quite an interesting thought...or it would be if I hadn't read the exact same type of comments on 12 other threads.
I am a definate fan of Bruce Lee's.
Shit I grew up watching all the movies as a kid. The fact remains that he was not the best martial artist in the world. He weighed about 120 pounds soaking wet.
It was a lot of hype and glitter and we kids soaked it all up.
Now time has moved on and continuing to speculate on who could've beaten who is a waste of time in my own opinion.
If you guys enjoy shooting the shit about Bruce like a bunch of old codgers gathered around the fire talking about the "good old times" then have at it.
I hope you figure out the secret of his death and the one inch punch of death....
When you do let me know.


Well played sir, well played.


No it's not that simple...we are all like the proverbial moth that cannot help but to fly into the bright light of anything written about Bruce Lee.
Just try not opening a thread about Bruce...I double dare you...especially when it says "picture".

Stop torturing me with all
this Bruce crappola.



I just wanted to say that no subject line has ever made me laugh out loud from reading it until this one.


Then we have served our purpose here.


I understand that Granny was small, but what was her relative strength as a baker?

If Granny was 120, then baking six pies an hour would be far more impressive than some juiced-up, dough-bound baker putting 8 pies in the oven.

Simply put, Grany's functional baking strength was impressive, to say the least.


Also realize that granny was baking under 'old school" conditions. No fancy chromed out mixers that do it all. No machines, period.

Also you cannot compare what granny did with todays bakers who are using God knows what kinds of chemicals in their pies. Granny was an "all natural" baker She didn't have any preservatives or maybe a fancy two ply apron and extra long hot pads. She cooked raw, whcih is way more impressive.


There are quite a lot of master-bakers who post on this forum.


I'm with you Grey. I mostly don't post or look in the tons of Bruce Lee or Chuck threads here. It's pretty lame how the threads degenerate immedialtely and are only of use if you run out of toilet paper.

Bottom line it's old. So what...I like Chuck Norris.... IN DODGEBALL!


I'd like to know who was better than BL back in the day? And he weighed more than 120lbs. most of the time. It was like a yo-yo, but most of the time he was above 135. I believe he got up to 165 for awhile there.


I think Steven Segal ate Bruce Lee. Have you seen how fucking fat Segal has gotten? And what is with his hair piece? USA network keeps showing these straight to cable movies of his. It is so sad.


PLEASE tell this to Prof X, Vroom, and company!

Thank you!