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Bruce Lee Wannabe


This guy thinks he is bruce lee




Ok. that was hilarious. I loved how he tried to get up still swinging the chucks only to fall down.




LMAO! Yah, give him credit, stands up & still going at it! Hhahahaha. Great find!


1st woman: "Are you ok?"
2nd woman: "No, he's not."






Why am I not surprised that you say this?


the fall flattened his afro.

I've seen this a couple years back-it's a classic and I still laugh my ass off everytime I see it.


hahah yeah I remember seeing this agessss ago, but it still made me laugh this time! so many funny things happening in it; the fall, the half-daze chucking, the girls in the background.


this fool obviously didn't show up to week eight of the REX KWON DO course or he would have had that move down...


awesome! it reminds me of this quote from hagakure:

"even if one's head were to be suddenly cut off, he should be able to do one more action with certainty."


It is a running joke on this site and it is still funny.