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Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris


Got this from GorillaMask...


Bruce Lee (in one shot) looks like he has boobs coming out of his back. (01:13) THAT'S how skinny he is (I know they're his shoulder blades, but MAN, that's weird.


uhm...those are shoulder blades, sorry to dissapoint you that your hero really doesn't have boobs.


...when they started stripping and stretching I thought for sure they were gonna have some kind of gay kung fu makeout session.

By the way the only reason Lee won was because Chuck didn't have his beard!


what i learned today,
if bruce lee was still alive today he would be able to go down on himself

chuck norris beard came from a hair transplant from his back


Not many people know this but Bruce Lee could fly. He didn't do this on film or anything but a few of his students saw him do it.

Oh...and if you don't believe it that means you hate Bruce Lee.


God killed Bruce Lee in divine retriubution for the crime of acting like he could kill Chuck Norris.


I am so sick of seeing the name "Bruce Lee" on this web site.

"boobs coming out of his back"? Because we don't know what scapulas are? You could see his bones like that because he was skinny as hell. You won't be seeing Ronnie Coleman's scapulas because there are about 50lbs of meat covering each one.




Chuck Norris delivered a fatal blow that took many years to finally kill Bruce Lee, thus proving that Chuck Norris is the man.


I'd hit it.


Hmmm Booobies. What a cool setting for a death match. Oh the Romans knew how to party. Speaking of Ronnie Coleman and Boobies, damn he has some big jugs. Shouldn't there be a limit on Bruce Lee threads.

Wonder Woman was a cool super hero because she had some big Boobies. I think that scene would have been better against wonder woman. There is nothing better than watching Linda Carter bounce up and down in slow motion in her wonder woman outfit. Boobies Yum.


What the fuck does Bruce have to do with weight lifting?


This does appear to be the off topic forum.


At a time where there were strong prejudices against using weights for conditioning because it would make you "muscle bound" Lee was an advocate of using weights.

Lee showed that one could lift weights and still be fast agile and flexible. Lee has a lot to do with weights.

But I digress, we'll now return to our discussion about Boobies.

Didn't that list of things that Chuck Norris can do have a reference to boobies.


Chuck Norris isnt hung like a horse, horses are hung like Chuck Norris


I just put up this clip because I thought it was KINDA cool, not just because it has Lee. Lee and Norris are two of the more popular movie martial artist, and they are fighting each other here.

That stuff with Bruce Lee's Shoulder blades was just... weird...


I'm glad we got that sorted out.


Shhhh all the Bruce Lee wannabes will come out of hiding and start defending him as the peak of human development!


You already have one on the board-look around.....