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Bruce Lee Strength

THANK YOU! About damn time someone posted something here of value regarding Bruce Lee. There’s so much I could say about him - or Joe Lewis. But I didn’t find it worth the time to try - due to the huge amount of “*&%$#” being said. Well done.

form/technique. speed. i dont care if you can squat 1000lbs, if you throw a horrible side kick, it will be blocked, miss, or not have much impact. but, given correct form and acceleration(key), it will destroy damn near whatever it comes in contact w/. if a guy who can squat some serious poundage has good form on a kick, i hope your will is in order, cuz he will prolly put his foot right thru you if he connects. and i think bruce was about speed and agility more than raw strength. i believe ‘jeet kun do’ roughly translates to ‘the way of the intercepting fist.’ philosphy being, if im faster than you, you cant hit me. i may not kill you first hit, but i will have the chance to hit you a dozen times w/o you being able to land anything. no disrespect, just my 2 pennies

To me this is a really innane and stupid thread that has developed because of the three points that have developed. 1. That BL did not lift a lot of weight, he is not a bad ass. (The thought with this point that has developed is that because you can lift more, you can kick BL ass. This is the same as showing off that you can lift more weight than any newbie, BFLer, or other BB. This only shows how insecure you are about yourself. Why don’t you just take out your schlong to measure it against the person your trying to impress and get it over with.)2. That BL did not fight anyone with name reckognition must mean he is not a bad ass. (First off, a rule in all good MA must be not to show off that can kick anyone’s butt. If you do, you’ve just shown how insecure you are.[See comments from point #1]A real MA doen’t need to prove anything to anyone.) 3. That Ultimate Fighting participants are the only true MA. (Of course, I feel this is BS. These guys need to show off, which shows insecurity[Again, see comments for #1] But also, the truly great fighters are the one’s who can tap into the form and spirit of the art, their bodies, their opponents, and nature. These are the true bad asses and once your there, you know you have to prove nothing to no one.)
So have your stupid discussion of BL and what he could and could not do. But he knew he did not have to prove a thing to anyone and that’s good enough for me.

Look at all the misguided sheep. Keep training your karate, tkd, aikido, kung fu and think you are a badass. Yes Bruce Lee was a martial artist and an actor. That doesn’t mean he was a bad ass. He was hype and nothing more. HE never fought anyone with skills nor would he win if he did. Plus Jeet kune do is not a style, it is a way of thinking.

there is something to be said of Chi-i saw a thing on like Discovery showing the brain waves of martial artists before breaking bricks they change from whatever normal is, to alpha waves. Thing is they mentioned monks in Tibet living in temperatures that would kill ordinary people, probably as a result of chi. Fine. but what fitone said about transfering noticeable hot air in freezing whether through clothing, and the guy not even touching the other guy… Horseshit. Pure bullshit imo. That clearly defies scientific reality. Nice way to totally lose your credibility though.

Somethings are explainable and some aren’t what I saw and felt with my own eyes it was real. I know it may be believable it may not but I what I saw and felt was real… Science can’t even figure out how we lose or gain strengths or what is the Right way to work out… Working-out is all based on Theroy.

I would never want to be anything like Bruce Lee. Maybe his image is good to look up to, but the real person Bruce Lee is nobody special. He probably wasn’t a better fighter than Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal, or any other ‘fighter’ who NEVER COMPETED IN A CONTEST. If he did I want to see a link to the results of one. He was a cheating liar to his wife & he had kids out of wedlock, used steroids & diuretics to get his look. I don’t know if any of you Bruce Lee worshippers have read this article http://www.myodynamics.com/articles/bruce.html You should & if you already have you need to give your head a shake.

Yeh pressure points are baned in the UFC, NHB, festyle full contact, no arm bars either, or punches, kicks, knees, its really just a game of hopscotch and marbels

this is funny… its like other computer geek oriented forums would be discussing who would roxor who: star trek vs star wars. Well the enterprise has photon torpedoes! well the x-wing has torpedoes too! and so on and so forth… Darth Vader was taller then Worf! You gotta admit tho that for such a “badass” Worf was a wuss. Back to BL, dood is dead, there is no way to prove or disprove whether he roxored or suxored. In discussing please rememmber that these discussions are for fun and not to display any kinda anger or what not.

I totally agree with pk on this one. If someone is supported by demonic rituals like tai chi (which is a religion) to concentrate their energy for fighting, they will succeed and achieve superhuman abilities like some Shaolin monks and Budhists in this day and age. Bodybuilding and martial arts are 2 different sports. If a great martial artist was anything special, God would’nt let them die with a bullet to the brain. Lift weights and walk away from fights. Some of the best things you can do in life. And on a more humbling note - Bruce Lee has died so where’s his power now? A fading garland means nothing. True strength is only in Christ. Exercise mind, body, and soul - peace be with you all.

I think in his weight class he would have been a formidable fighter today.

Firstly he was a martial artist not actor! Whatever his level of technique, whether he could have coleman, kerr, vorchanchin, shamrock doesn’t matter ( I don’t think he could, simple weight advantage, but bruce lee would have hit them hard).

He had more then just fighting ability, thats what makes him a legend. He’ll be remembered long after the NHB is over.

Bodybuilders look up to his physique. He wasn’t big, but damn, and I think he did it naturally.

Oh and don’t believe Dragon, the bruce lee story, alot of it is fictional. He didn’t hurt his back getting kicked from behind by his opponent, he hurt it doing goodmornings with a barbell.

Hess study is Bs. If you read Bruces workout program toward the end of his life it is very different then the one in 1965. There are in fact several exercise Hess didnt list or study. Like the 300lb. heavy Bag Bruce kicked dozens of time everyday or the dynamic tension exercise he did evey morning. Bruce also used to streetfight a lot in HK. His family and friends confirm this dozens of time but people just dont care about facts. I did a little research on Bruce’s workout before and after Hess study and no offense but he did a really crappy job. The the fact is a streetfighter needs explosive speed and cardio more then a 600 pound deadlift. Hess also doesnt address if this was Bruce’s max weight or half of his max weight or one third. I trained with lighter weights for endurnace and if you read my program you would conclude my one max rep to be very light compared to what I REALLY can do in the gym. Just some observation from a rookie :slight_smile:

Who the fuck cares? what does it matter?