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Bruce Lee Strength

I’m a newcomer to posting on this site, but one thing I’ve noticed is that here, among other (mostly martial arts sites) Bruce Lee has been elevated to the status of a god. He might have been quick, and had good technique, but he had no ground fighting skill. And yes, he was small, which means that all around he was probably lacking. If size truely didn’t matter, there wouldn’t be weight classes in boxing and wrestling. People tend to talk about the myth of Bruce Lee, not the reality. It’s fine to call him one of the greatest traditional martial artists of all time, but leave the all around martial artist title to todays NHB badasses, like Frank Shamrock.

He is my hero man. Bruce is the greatest figther of all time. Did you see him jump out of that building in Die Hard then bang demi Moore. he’s badass

I think he was the real thing same as both Segal and Speakman. All three of those men are/were “actors” and all three can/could kick butt.

Van Damme is a ballet dancer same as Chan is an acrobat (though Chan doesn’t have the ego Damme has and admits he is an actor/stunt person).

Chuck Norris is a nobody that wants to be a somebody…I know, I know, he was a “Medal Winning Karate Champion”…he would loose badly in any fight with Segal, Lee, or Speakman. He’s a ‘master’ of watered down sport karate.

TEK I would agree with you cept for the very simple fact THAT WE HAVE CLONING NOW, SO BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU SAY!!!

Bruce Lee was the ultimate fiting machines!!! No offense to Shamrock he is the real deal now but. Lee himself said in a lost interview… There is no style in marital arts. Whether your a Chinese maritial arts Japaness. You must learn all forms of marital arts. Not only marital arts but boxing, grappling ect… He also said most fights do end up in a ground and that he would choke hold someone to death… Look at his movies its not one solid movement he has a little of everything… He was the MAN of martial arts everyone looked up to him they still do. He took his body and experiment everything he could on it. Not saying that thats the way you should train. He wanted to find out what worked and what didn’t.

By the way Van Damn is the worst fighter of them all he got crushed by a bouncer at SCORES in NYC.

Why do I do this to myself? I know I shouldn’t enter into this thread but I can’t help myself. I have trained with Dan Inosanto for more than twenty years. Inosanto is one, of two, instructors certified by Lee Jun Fan (Bruce Lee) to teach Jeet Kune Do concepts. Lee had amazing genetic attributes, which contributed to his fighting skill: timing, range control, contact sensitivity, speed, agility, visual reflex, etc. Lee trained in Wing Chun Gung Fu, in Hong Kong, with the late master of Wing Chun Yip Man. Lee also practiced boxing and was an accomplished dancer. Wing Chun was developed to defeat the circular styles of martial art which were dominant in China (Sholin styles). Wing Chun taught domination of center line, contact sensitivity, and arm and foot trapping, with low kicks. Upon arrival in Seattle, Lee engaged in a challenge fight which, he believed, dragged on too long. Lee began to research and develop his own fighting philosophy which was later termed “the way of the intercepting fist” or Jeet Kune Do. If you studied with one or any of Lee’s students, you would understand how fast and brutal martial art can be. Dan Inosanto is the consummate martial artist, he is fast, dominant, technically precise, and continues to research a variety of martial arts in his fifties. He has related to me and others that Lee was 100 times better than he ever was! I have seen a lot of “masters” and no one had exhibited Inosanto’s skill so I would have to believe Lee was amazing. The article on coach Staley’s website is inaccurate and some of you are misinformed. Lee said “research your own experience, absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and make everything uniquely your own” his philosophies’ work well in martial art, weight training, and life.

Like I said earlier, Bruce Lee had good ideas about cross training but he was not a great fighter. He was an actor that died and then got hyped up to god status. Bruce fought no one of great skill. If he was at his peak and competed in NHB he would be exposed as a D level fighter at best. Any one from the Brazilion Top team, Team Punishment or Militech’s team would easily destroy Bruce Lee. Just remember that everyone thought karate and kung fu practitinoers were amazing fighters until NHB came along. I bet a lot of the posters here think that a person with a black belt in karate or TKD are fighting machines. Too bad that isn’t reality.

theres some really bad arguments being employed here. Sure relative strength has some basis, but your not doing gymnastics, it doesnt matter how strong your are in proportion to your weight, but rather how powerful and explosive you hit. Featherweight boxers have much better relative than Tyson, but cmon who hits harder? Also people should goto staley’s webisite- he has either that article or a similar one on his. Basically Lee was good but an even better actor.

Has anyone seen the movies Double Impact and Bloodsport with Van Damme? there is a guy in those named Bolo Yeung, the huge Chinese guy that flexes his pecs, the real badass. his martial art was Wing Chung, like Bruce. if we are talking about Martial Actors, not Martial Artists, is somone going to tell me Bruce would have beeten him. on a side not Bolo, won Mr Hong Cong a few times, along with some powerlifting titles. he swam from China to Hong Cong at night to find a better life. i think he is very impresive myself.

A true MARTIAL ARTIST does not get involved in any competition. they know there hands are deadly and could kill someone.

Do know UFC and all contact martial art sports ban Wing Chun and other Asain arts on using pressure points??? Why because they are deadly and can kill someone in an instance.

Ask anyone who has do Martial Art and has competed in combat toruments if Style like Wing Chun and Kung fu, TAI CHI ask them if they were allowed to use persure points. So think before you speak and learn more about the sport before you comment it makes people really not so bright when they come into this forum.

So how are you going to say that Bruce had no fighting skills he had all the fighting skills he needed. He doesn’t need to prove to me that his hands are deadly.

Also I seen first hand on things that most people would only see in the movies.

My master in wing chun and TAI CHI did a couple demostaration on the effects of TAI CHI when in
combat how useful it really is. So to keep this short this was in the middle of winter and it was real cool below zero whether and we were outside so we had on winter jackets he through a punch at me towards my chest area andstopped I felt a great heat senensation through my winter Jacket like the jacket was going catch on fire. He said thats years of contronling your Chi. Also he did a demostration that was cool. He’s all of 5’2 maybe weighs about 102lbs and he’s 65 years old he had the biggest student charge at him at 6’4 weighs about 230lbs charge at him and when he did he push the student across the room… How does a 5’2" at 102lbs @ 65 push a 6’4 @ 230lbs across the room??? IF my master can do that I think Bruce would also be able to

he could not defeat the mighty ben chi for his styles are deadly

Are you for real? That is the biggest bs I have ever heard. Wing chun and other Asian martial arts are not banned from the UFC and pressure points are not an effective way of defending yourself. When someone says that their art is too deadly to enter nhb that just means they are afraid to be exposed as frauds. You are extremely clueless about martial arts if you believe what you posted. I better be careful or you will give me the dim mak touch of death.

fitone on your question about how does a small dood push a big dood far… well it doesn’t matter how big you are in this case all it matters is to trick your opponent into resisting you, lets say you push someone back he resists by pushing forward (natural reaction eh?), but then lets say you push someone towards yourself, he pulls back, then you push him back now you have both you and him pushing him back thus a small dood can throw a big dood (tho size doesn’t mattter hehe) across the room. Your teacher was simply a smart dood and knew how to manipulate others. Pretty cool eh? and impressive… say someone starts with you, you throw him across the room, he’s going to think twice about screwing with yas.

listen the stuff on tai chi is all real. Not to dis but when you gain demonic powers anything is possible. Just as saints can do miracles using the power of Jesus Christ so can witches using the power of Satan. You guys might laugh or not believe but so be it. laters pk

ok guys check out what “judo” gene lebell says about meeting BL for the 1st time and tell me that BL could beat everyone

"“When I got to the set Benny pointed Bruce out and told me to go put him in a headlock or something… Well, I’m a good employee and I always listen to the boss, so I went over to grab Bruce and he starts making all those crazy noises he became famous for. As a joke, I picked him up and put him on my shoulder in a fireman’s carry kind of thing, then I ran down the length of the set and back again. Bruce says “put me down or I’ll kill you”. So I run down the set again and he says, “put me down” and I say “I can’t put you down or you’ll kill me”. After that I sat down and talked to my boss and the other crew members for a couple minutes with him up on my shoulder. He finally crawled off, we all had a good laugh, and we went and shot our scenes.”

“Danny Inosanto, who is every bit as good as Bruce was if not better, and Richard Bustillo. Richard has carried on Bruce’s philosophy…”

gene lebell is considered one of the toughest guys of all time.
would he bet BL? well sounds like BL could not stop him carrying him around on his shoulders. you decide. check out genelebell.com to read more about him
FYI rumour has it that Steven Seagal ws choked out by lebell on the set of a film for being an asshole and lost control of his bladder!

Molsonman fitone does have a point about martial artists being capable of killing someone with a single blow. The truth is MA was created as a weapon of war. It wasn’t until centuries later that it became a sport/self defence, and only after the “hard elements” were taken out of it. A professional karateka practices an entire different form of karate than a traditionally schooled martial artist. The first is good at scoring points at a fight while the latter can put someone out permanently. If Bruce Lee knew how to kill someone with a single blow even Shamrock (or my personal hero Kurt Angle) wouldn’t stand a chance. But I have to say myself I doubt if Bruce Lee could, he participated in these alleged streetfights yet none of them ended lethally. Personally I think Bruce Lee is thus overestimated. He was just lucky to live in an age when people were more naive and believed what they saw an TV was real. As for his 2 inch punch, I think it does indeed belong in the David Copperfield-category.

I didnot say whing chun and ohter asain martial arts are ban from UFC an ect. I said pressure points are…

It’s almost funny seeing some of these posts…they really show how little some people know about martial arts. First let me say that the whole “strength” thread about BL is moot. The guy did make movies, and was ripped as hell. He looked much better than many of the “strong men” you see at the gym lifting 300-500lbs with most lifts, while you can barely see any definition of any of their muscles. Most people do not covet that type of body. Secondly, sure Bruce Lee wasn’t a grappler, and wasn’t strong enough to do so…he was trained in Chinese martial arts–Kung Fu. The whole idea behind Kung fu (most traditional forms) is that you fight with your natural strenghts. That’s why many of the styles are modeled by animals…Crane style for long movements, praying mantis for hooking quick movements…etc. The idea is that we are all different with different strengths, and you develop those to excell in fighting. Finally, if the guy wasn’t a “bad-ass” we wouldn’t be talking about him.

If he wasn’t a badass we wouldn’t be talking about him?? The only reason we still talk about him is because his death and the ignorance of people hyped him up to god status. Plus all the styles of kung fu are not effective forms of self defence. Why don’t you go to a mauy tai, boxing, wreslting, BJJ or mixed martial arts gym and ask to sparr with someone. Then you will see how effective these styles are.

those who say that bruce lee wasn’t a real martial artist, and was only an actor. jean claud van damme is an actor. how many of u guys really know anything about bruce lee. did u know that long before bruce lee got into movies, he was a martial arts teacher and had his own dojo. “he was just an actor”, how stupid a statement is that. bruce lee fought from the time he was a young child, he got into martial arts to try and control his rage. bruce lee train mainly for speed and explosiveness, period. to say he could kick ur ass, is so stupid, of coiurse he could, probably in under 5 seconds. i mean the guy devloped his own fighting style, he trained for hours every day, he was without a doubt the freakiest, most talented fighter ever, to this day, i dare anyone to find me one guy that has the speed and explosiveness as bruce did. not segal, not norris, not van damm, none of them even come close to him.norris, was a world champion, yet hes slow as hell compared to bruce lee, so who is the real fighter here.