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Broz Article on Front Page


Really? It hasn't been debated on this forum yet?


there is a livespill.

people have debated aspects of Broz (and others) ideas. in terms of training frequency, what you do when you train (work to max, do higher reps), whether you do the full lifts or partials or assistance etc.

what did you want to see debated??


what's to debate? it's the bulgarian method almost exactly... which has been debated extensively.


Well, if I remember correctly, what Broz does is what he learned from Krastev when he trained under him, and put into practice in essentially the same manner (there are likely some minor differences somewhere in the methodology). And I believe what Krastev had Broz doing was a slightly watered down version of what Krastev endured under Abadjiev. So to end this mini-rant I'd say it's an application of the "Bulgarian method" but I wouldn't say almost exactly.

And I'm quite sure it has been debated/discussed on here, though I feel the discussion was a year or two ago. Maybe around the time Pat first snatched 182 in training, I think that youtube video generated some discussion.


It's a hybrid.

Uncle would not have you back squat unless your hand was crushed.

Breakfast FS
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