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Browser Suggestions

Internet Explorer is a piece of shit, but recently it seems that Firefox is getting way too unstable. Is Chrome any good? I tend to have about 15 tabs open (30 when porn browsing) just because I’m too afraid I’ll want to re-read a tab if I close it.

What version of Firefox you using?

I’me on the 4.0 Beta 7 and it’s nice - no stability issues here.

Chrome or Firefox. Firefox has better ad-blocking plugins though.

I have Opera, and it’s the best browser i’ve had so far.

Mosaic is the browser.

I’ve been giving Chrome a second run, no complaints so far. Less “bloated” then Firefox and doesn’t have that “pulgin-module” dying all too often.

I’ll have to second the Opera browser suggestion.

I’m pretty happy with Chrome. I like it better than Firefox b/c Firefox just seems too crowded with shit.

I’ll check out Opera and Mosaic though.

I just googled Mosaic and realized it’s an old-as-fuck browser, lol, nevermind on that one.

Chrome…super stable.

Opera, then Chrome

IE 9 Beta is looking really good. Firefox has the best plugins, and Chrome is the easiest to navigate and use; as well as the fastest. My preferred choice currently. I am excited for IE to be full version,though, they did a good job.

I use Chrome, I love it and I’m never looking back. There are all these add-ons that make browsing almost effortless, just too many to mention. There’s an auto spell check, auto page loader so you don’t have to click on the next page just keep scrolling down, all you need to do is type one letter in to the browser bar to go to some of your most visited websites… all kinds of cool shit.

chrome ftw

Firefox was good like 3 years ago. It sucks now. Takes up WAY too much memory and it’s more prone to crash than IE.

Firefox is still the only browser with Vimperator – Vim command browsing!

Firefox does have better pop up blocking than IE. I find this a crucial consideration when cruising porn forums.

Chrome, I made the switch and never even considered going back.


^ Picture above proves my point with Mosaic.

I installed Chrome today. I’m finding it better than Firefox. Very stable, no freezing and I have about 30 tabs open.

I guess I’ll give it a whirl, as very fast and very stable is all I need for interwebz browsing.