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Brown Rice Variances


Hey guys I got a question...maybe JB can answer this....

I eat alot of brown rice...particularly the medium grain style...But I have also noticed there are like 6 other types!

Long Grain, short grain, Basmati, and a handfull of others...

Heres my question

Are there if any glycemic differences between these types...there is the brown rice uncle bens type and then theres the stuff thats clealy from overseas...I like my medium grain but if I went to a different grocerie store would there be glycemic discrepancies between the different styles..?


Sure each style will be a bit different same with say each type of apple some are sweeter etc. The difference will be marginal though if your getting none instant rice that is WHOLE still has the bran etc.

Not worth sweating IMO



Pugsley, some rices are a little more refined and hit the bloodstream more quickly than others, yes, but more importantly, if you are cutting, you should be consuming rice in your PWO meal and, other than that, relying more heavily on fibrous green veggies, beans and fruit to fill you up.

Where brown or wild rice comes in handy is for those who are bulking. It's when you're bulking and need to be consuming calories in excess of your maintenance calories that one would shift over to eating carbs that are healthy but starchier in nature; i.e., sweet potatoes, yams, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, pumpkin, quinoa, amaranth, bulgar wheat.

If that didn't provide you with the information you were looking for, hopefully someone who's a little bit smarter than I am about rice could jump in with their thoughts! (grin)