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Brown Rice Syrup Post-Workout?

Has anyone used brown rice syrup in their post workout shakes? It supposedly has a similar card profile to maltodextrin.

It’s probably not worth analyzing it that much. There are people who just eat a big sandwich post-workout and have pretty good results to show off.

I made reasonably good progress while drinking chocolate milk post-workout. I don’t remember exactly, but I think the sweet stuff in it was corn syrup.

Get Surge if you can, since that’s what a bunch of smart people over-analyzed to death, so it works pretty well. Otherwise just throw some sugary stuff in a jug full of milk and call it a day.

I’ve read that rice syrup is higher GI than maltodextrin. It has a funny taste. Doesn’t bother me, but definitely a different taste from the usual carbs. Haven’t used it long enough to say that it makes a difference in mass or stength.