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Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker


i have been trying to make some brown rice in a rice cooker but every time i make it it comes out sticky and it clumps up. i rinse the brown rice first then i boil some water and add chicken bullion and cook the rice in the bullion water. how can i make some brown rice that wont come out sticky and clump up?


It might be the type of rice your using.


im using riceland long grain brown rice.


Does your rice cooker have different settings? Mine has different settings for brown rice or white rice.


yes it has a button for brown and one for white.


That doesn't make a difference?


okay heres what you need to do, as soon as the rice is done, put it into a strainer and rinse it off with cold water for a few seconds. let all the rice drain, and voila, unclumped rice.


yeah the other setting for brown doesnt help.

patrick im gonna try that, but will it still have flavor? i cook it in chicken bullion water


yeah it should


I have probably the most low tech rice cooker on the planet and all I do is use more water than recommended to avoid the problem.


You shouldn't be adding boiling water to a rice cooker. It's probably over cooking. Put the bullion in a microwavable cup and add a little water to it, just enough to dissolve the cube, then stick it in the microwave (so the water is covering the bullion). After that, mix it with room temp water and add the rice. Usually a rice cooker cooks 2/3 cup of raw rice per 1 cup of water. Add a little more water...and i mean a really small amount. Brown rice tends to take longer to cook.


i just made some and i used more water than usual. it was still sticky when it was done. it seems like the water turns into gravy. i ended up rinsing it with water to get the thick water that makes it clump up off.


Wouldnt adding more water to a rice cooker simply make the rice more sticky and vice versa? I have nv heard of people adding hot water to a rice cooker prior to cooking the rice. Always just puting room temp water in.


maybe try some Basmati rice???

it's real easy and quite delicious. Rinse 3 or so times, thoroughly. 1 part rice, 2 parts water, and use white rice setting.


Fragrant Thai rice, often called sticky rice. Does come out of the rice cooker in clumps - because it's meant to! Mmm, that stuff is so nice I can eat it plain on it's own.


this time i used room temperature water. i used two cups brown rice that i rinsed prior to putting it in the rice cooker, 5 cups of water and 10 tbsp. chicken bullion. when it was done there was still some water left and the rice was slushy with the water. when i put it in the strainer and rinsed it, it looked like there was gravy in it. do you think i used too much bullion? the bullion water says 1 tbsp. per cup of water.

so some of you guys are saying that you can put brown rice in a rice cooker and it will come out unclumped and it will stay unclumped in the fridge just like white rice? what brand of brown rice are you using? can you tell me the exact steps you take and how much water you use?


Personally, I use just a basic rice cooker and use a 1:3 ratio of brown rice to water. My filipino roommate's mom told me to use that over the 1:2 for white rice and it comes out fluffy and soft. I also add some garlic into it for a little flavor. Let it cool to room temperature first before you put it in the fridge as well.


i just ate some of the brown rice that i rinsed and it has no flavor. KG when you use that much water is all the water gone when its done?


Yea, it just takes longer to cook. I had the problem with my rice being still a bit hard so the extra water cooks it more.


could i be using too much bullion? the bottle says one tbso. makes one cup of bullion and i have been using 2tbsp. per cup.