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Brown Rice Cakes, Good or Bad?


I know brown rice is a good 'clean carb' but sometimes it's a hassle to make. Does anyone ever eat these brown rice cakes? I know rice cakes themselves are sort of a joke/diet food but I thought the plain brown ones might be decent. Pretty delicious spread w/ natty PB. (accompanied by a shake)


can't stand 'em myself.........feels kinda like eating styrofoam.


no food is "good" or "bad". if you like rice cakes, eat them; if not, don't. simple as that.


yeah man big macs are neither good or bad.



ok, I'll play along.

tell me, what will happen to me if i eat a big mac?


Obviously it depends on the context of the users diet and so on. Big macs can be fine on a cheatday to bump up cals/overall macros. Ricecakes can be good on a low fat diet, or if someone is gluten intolerant and needing something portable and convenient, etc.

Individual needs state is what's most important in determining whether something is useful or not.


You'll die.

Seriously, I doubt that there'll be much if any difference in terms of body composition changes when the big mac is substituted with a meal consisting of "cleaner" sources provided the macronutrient content is the same. In terms of health, I guess there is. An extreme example is substituting hydrogenated fats with an equal amount of fish oil, or EVOO etc.


I can't speak for what will happen to you, but if I have a big mac, I'll feel lethargic, lazy, have a stomach ache, and have a 50/50 chance (roughly) of having the runs. Therefore, for me, they fall under the bad category.


These are processed. IMO, they ain't worth shit. You want some complex carbs and are too lazy to make rice, throw some oatmeal in your shake. Eat the PB with a spoon. Problem solved.


the package of rice cakes in my pantry reads "ingredients: whole grain brown rice, salt."

the jar of natural peanut butter in my pantry reads "ingredients: peanuts, salt."

so I ask you, tw0scoops2, why do you consider the rice cakes to be processed shit, but the peanut butter (which is PROCESSED from peanuts) to be perfectly acceptable?


I was wondering just how processed they really are. I work a job where I have to pack food for the whole day so it was the convenience that appealed to me. Maybe I'll come up with some way to bring the oats. Thanks!


So in other words, you're saying that the quality of nutrients doesn't matter. Am I getting this right?


that was my knee-jerk response too.


They do matter, but as far as I know, the protein quality of Big Macs isn't that bad, and I doubt substituting the white bun with a wholemeal bun will do much difference. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Big Macs should be a staple in a bodybuilder's diet.


Stopped reading there


why? afraid you might learn something?


By the looks of it bud, you could use a few Big Macs in your diet.


No thanks. I'd rather continue eating my chili.


Not to go too off topic or anything, but double quarter pounders are the shit, way better than any big mac.


The glycaemic load is fairly high,
but before/after a workout,or a snack for grazing,especially if cutting,you could do a helluva lot worse.
I sometimes snack on them at work,keep 'em in a drawer.you can get flavoured ones.I like the yeast extract flavoured ones,or with some cottage cheese,or spread with PB.
As the rice is puffed,like popcorn,they have more volume per weight,so are more filling and satisfying and you'll probably eat less calories and carbs for the same number of mouthfuls.
Despite what I said about the high GI,they make portion size control a helluva lot easier as they are all the same size-if you're out and about,the size of a portion of rice may vary from a cafe or buffet or whatever.
You gots your fibre in their too,if they are brown rice....