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Brown Rice as Staple Carbohydrate


Hey Guys,
I recently got grilled at work, I had a gorge foreman in the kitchen I used to cook my meals on during the day and people started to complaining. So now I cant cook my meals during the day.

I was thinking of alternate methods, and cooking at home and taking into work is my only choice.
Is it o.k. to use Brown rice as the staple Carbohydrate in my meals.
Cause I can cook it in lump sums at home, package it with 2-3 different meals during work. With a Chicken Breast and some Veggies?

Or should I switch it up??

Any input to some Carbohydrate goods would be appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time!!



Brown rice, Sweet potatoes, oats, those are my three main carbs.

What you do with Brown rice can be done with anything. Cook a bunch, chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, etc. and package it up in separate meals.


Very good advice my friend! Don't forget to throw in some broccoli into the mix for fiberous carbs, which also helps your protein metabolize. Peace out PHIL

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Fruit is even easier as a staple carbohydrate.


I cook up a few lbs of chicken, beef, etc at a time steam a bunch of broccoli and bake a few sweet potatoes every few days. put in big ass bowl. put in big ass cooler with ice packs and water bottles. take that with me everyday........ along with cottage cheese, almonds/walnuts, bananas, apples, eggs, etc........ as long as you prepare ahead of time its real convenient and easy.


I wouls also recommend Quinoa, it's actually better than Brown rice and will keep your GI lower than rice or even sweet potato, Brown rice is only slightly better for you than regular rice by the way so if you're trying to stay lean go with more Quinoa and Sweet potato's


That's what the "etc." was for :slight_smile:


Dried apricots - nutrient dense, low GI, high fibre and require no preparation.

Cheap as hell too.


I use flax cereal.


I like brown rice but its rates high on the glycimec index. Tried Quinoa, but couldn't dig the taste. Best source is yams. Low GI, full of betacarotine and fiber, tastes OK. Charles Poliquin ruined oatmeal for me


I think Poliquin is a little full of it about oatmeal.

Note how dietary 'recommendations' mean jack; just listen to your own body.

People are freaking out after reading that Q&A with Poliquin and they've never had a problem with oatmeal. Is it worth keeping away from the stuff to see if you feel different? Of course, but that goes for every food.