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Brown Piss After 100 Squats?


I'm not sure which forum this should go to...

On Thursday I did 100 bodyweight squats. I hurt a lot, I threw up, and I couldn't walk for a little while afterwards. Today I am still very sore.

The thing is though, ever since I did those squats, I have had brown pee. This has been going on for the last few days since the squats.

Is this bad?

[Mod Note: I'm not sure where this belongs, but I do know that it isn't in the supplements forum.]


Uh, brown pee is usually blood in the urine last time I checked. Go to a doctor.

Also, I'm calling BS.


Yes. Its probably blood. Go to the doctor very quickly.


You should definitely go to the doctor, but it may well just be hemoglobin in the urine and not blood.


Sounds like you just overtrained imo. I've always understood brown pee after a real hard workout to be from pee'ing out protein muscle breakdown. It's not a good thing, but I dont think you necessarily need to see a doctor unless it continues for a while.

On a side note, why is 100 bodyweight squats causing such traumatic results? 100 bodyweight squats shouldnt be that hard over 3-4 sets. Are you new to training? pretty overweight?

Also, and I think many people make this mistake, Do atleast a 5-minute cardio warmup before lower body training otherwise blood is likely to pool in your lower extremities causing you to feel lightheaded and sick to your stomach ie. throwing up. Hope this helps.


I am not even going to go into my usual speal about why you should not be asking medical advice on this or any other forum, Just get yourself to a doctor quickly. We can discuss all the variables for why this is happening later if it has been a few days it is way to long for you to be questioning this.

Good luck to you.


Rhabdomyolyosis? Congratulations, you're a CrossFitter!


possibly pissing brown from bad muscle damage, don't do that again until your body is used to that kind of volume... i read about similar circumstances except it was after a serious injury it i'm going to go ahead and say you should talk to a proffesional about that...


By bodyweight squats did you mean that you were not using any weight at all or you had your bodyweight loaded on the bar?

100 squats not using any weight at all isnt much of anything. 100 squats with 200 or 250 pounds on the bar is a lot.

Regardless, talk to a doctor. If this post is for real that is.


Yup that sounds like rhabdomyolysis to me...you need to drink a shitload of water and see a doc ASAP...you are at risk for kidney failure! That brown color is myoglobin protein from muscle. It has been described after bouts of heavy exercise, usually aerobics, but 100 bw squats should not be enough to do it.


Ask for advice on a bodybuilding message board about something thats obviously a medical problem...genius!


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Yep, this can be really serious. Go see someone now.


It means you have 6 months to live


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