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Brovel T200

I know Brock says that Brovel products are dirty and suck. I have a bottle of T200 by brovel and used 5 shots out of it around 6 months ago and didn’t have any trouble with infections. I have around 1000mgs left. What are the chances of getting an infection from it since it has sat around for 6 months and since it is a Brovel product?

If you always withdrew from the vial by using a clean needle and having wiped the septum (rubber top) with an alcohol pad first, then your Brovel is the same now as when you used it before, and since it was fine for you before, it should still be fine now.

And if you were careless and did not wipe down the septum first, well, you are probably okay.

If you used needles you had previously injected yourself with, then I would definitely toss the Brovel. (No, I don’t figure you would have done that, but for the sake of completeness I mentioned it.)