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Brovel - Nandrolone Decanoate

I bought some legit-looking Brovel Deca - 200mg/cc - 10cc vials from a “friend” in NYC last week. The boxes were sealed, stamped with date appropriately, hologrammed, and capped bottles. Look legit. Having read the info on here AFTER the fact, I see that Brovel is generally considered dangerous SHIT. HOW dangerous IS it ? I REALLY don’t need an abscess! I’m not so concerned about low strength, but I DON’T need an infection or some strange virus. Are there also strange chemical contaminants as well to worry about ?Is there any way to sterilize it without ruining the steroid ? UV radiation or something ? How about havint it tested for contaminants before using it (where I don’t know) ? What about taking antibiotics at the earliest sign of infection to ward off the abscess - has anyone done that ? Would you recommend using it or getting rid of it ?

Thanks !

I was wondering the same thing - I have access to this stuff but am not sure I want to use it. All the guys at the gym are making gains from it, though, and there haven’t been any complaints of flu-like symptoms or abcesses from anyone there.

I’ve never known anyone to get an infection from using Brovel. I think the main concern is that it is underdosed. ex 200mg=170mg…just a guess, no exact ratio there. Just over estimate the amount you inject slightly and you should be ok. Brovel is usually cheaper anyway.
If you are worried about microbes in it, I think bringing it to 212 degrees in a pot of water will kill any bacteria. Be careful not to overheat or ,if there is air in the vial, explode the vial.

So, heating the gear to 212 degrees won’t damage the gear in any way? Would you use a double-boiler method (like you use to melt candle wax)?

yes, the “double boiler” method. As for it damaging your gear… I don’t really know. It doesn’t seem like it would, as I know you can do this to tren and to nandrolone phenylpropionate (I think thats what it is called…animal sells a kit for it).
You probally don’t need to do any boiling, as it is probally already sterile.