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Brotherhood of Iron: Omega


Do whatever we did in Redux, if you feel bummed about your dog shooting heroin and your GF fucking your dad merely say that you are experiencing an emotional upheaval and post your training that is powered by said emotions. No crying over spilled milk. Lets git it motherfuckers!!


I tried to start one too, I guess you beat me to it. BTW, why omega?

Thomas, I came back today to start a training log, it's titled "Get Jacked," appropriately named IMO, :wink:.


Because I said I would make the next one I would start: OMEGA. What? What? I guess Phoenix and my girl Laurie are beginning to realize I'm a good boy now :smiley:


Omega? What's next? Omega v.2?


dude Jacked Disiel should totally make the new BOI

@ Austiin, my bad i guess shit gets complicated when using quotes...

i wasnt calling out you, i was calling out Stuntman Mike

but i guess he doesnt weigh 250...i did think that was kind of odd.

either way, Stunt, YOU AINT BEATING ME!!!

@ Bug, i plan on beating you on everything, but ASAP, the Iso High and the DB shoulder press.


ok thought i'd update some people with what ive been up too


neutral wide grip pulldowns

250lbsx6(if I did less on the first set I think I could have gotten 10+)

t bar rows

90kg of platesx8

  • i really dont like this machine, i rarely do it however everytime I use it my numbers are always up

very widegrip pulldowns

220lbsx12(just pumped these out like no ones business)
250lbsx10 ds 150x10

db rows


  • back was painfully pumped, checked it out in the mirror, starting too look like a back now

  • i cant train arms for the next two weeks cause I have university ball where I'm required to suit up and the suit arms are already at bursting point and I don't have the money for a new suit jacket...


Rest day today but I just wanted to say there has been some very good posting on here recently.

JB, awesome post. At the end of the day you decide what you want to do with your life and this pursuit of ours. You're only accountable to yourself so fuck everyone else (except the BOI).

Way - we are grateful that you are taking some time off lifting so that your gains slow down and help us maintain some dignity.

Bug, good lifting. You can handle some serious volume in your routines. It shows in your recent pics.

Josh, keep working until you have that incline higher than your CGBP unless you want to be like C_C. Are you still dieting?

CrackerFromTheSuburbs (sorry, saw it in an old thread and couldn't help laughing), if your leg session is affecting your rack pulls the day after, why not spread them apart more? Alternatively, get a belt to avoid the problem?

GB, we might rag on you from time to time but seriously your posts are the coolest thing ever and psych us up.

Note to self, don't weigh over 250lb so that you aren't compared to Austin, C_C, Way.


Last Fridays' workout

Decline Bench:

Trap Bar Deadlift:
--> This felt really good so I'm going to hit this for another 2-3wks
and work up to about 365ish for 5.

Seated DB OHP:

Barbell Step Ups:
135 lbs 5x5

Pallof Press:
35lbs 5 per side for 3 sets

Ab Roller:


Last Nights Training:

DB Bench:
75lb warm up
-->If I had a proper spotter around I'd do the 130s again but I haven't had anyone nearby that I trust. Oh well.

DB Rows:
-->Dropping back in weight in the last few weeks has really helped my form. Much smoother.

146x6 and 4 push presses
-->Shitty numbers last night. That's what I get for doing clean and presses Sunday at 5 and then attempting OHP Monday at 5.

-->Even with pretty light weight I feel pretty unstable here. I need to figure this out.

Reverse Curls:
95lbsx5,5 (started to 'clean' it up so I dropped the weight)


Dude why wouldn't I want to end up like CC, he is my mentor. =P

Don't most people CGBP more than they incline? Or is it about even?

Anyway that will probably never happen unless I stop focusing on my tricep pressing strength...my tris have always done better than my chest and prob always will.

No I am not "dieting" still...though I don't think I ever truly was dieting TBH. But I have started upping my breakfast, pre/peri/post workout stuff, and my PWO meal. Surprisingly I checked my scale yesterday after having been upping everything for a week already and found I had dropped more weight, down to 203 now :frowning: Guess that means I shouldn't be bummed that things are finally slowing down on progression and a few things stalled - I'm still losing weight lol. Time to start eating more and force that shit up further!

CC - I've been wondering what you think of dropping one of my chest pressing exercises (I do 2 on each chest/bi/tri day) and replacing with a fly or pec-deck or cable fly variation. Flies and such are the only thing I do where I can really feel my chest working....so was thinking of keeping a main Chest Press on each day and then follow it up with some kind of fly instead of a 2nd press. Or I can just do 2 presses and then 1 fly so it would be 3 chest exercises, what you think? Still doing the yates 3way as you had recommended and liking it - just want to feel like my chest is doing something.


Come on baby daddy, I'll be at your weight in 5 months AND killing you in number. Trust me sugar.




5 months from now you A) wont be at my weight, i'll be at least 230 B) will be maxing out with my warm ups

k, kitten?


Namor (Pretty sure it was you, too lazy to check,) this is from Redux, but yeah, I use to get super tired after doing FMC, despite the low intensity. I usually eat big earlier and get smaller amounts in my meals as the day goes by, at least in terms of density and volume (Lots of fats early, hardly any carbs most of the day.)

And speaking of Fasted Morning Cardio, walking around my new college town is WAY more badass than walking around my old neighborhood. Lots of shit to see. Multiple possible routes every single time. I'm in lub!

Josh, for whatever it's worth, my Inhuman presses (CGBP basically) are the exact same as my incline bench numbers.


Got a 295 bench yesterday, and a 385x2 squat like 5 minutes before that...so the bench came up another 10 lbs this time around...I'm liking this whole 'not using bench except to gauge strength' thing. Also hit 3pps+35'sx7 on HS decline bench afterwards.

Got a good bicep workout today, then did another 3 miles on the eliptical; seeing good improvements in time, which I need. I think I'm going to start doing a bit more vanity [read: guns] work in the near future...hell, it was the first time in over 6 months I'd done concentraion curls...my arms need the work.


Good job on the bench man, how much do you weigh these days?


SSC - my in human cgbp is also like 30 lbs heavier and for more reps than the smith low incline


Come on sugar pie, that only means I'll weigh less and be tossing up your maxes for reps

*done cluttering the BOI until I actually have a training log next monday lolz...


I weigh more then alot of you and I'm weaker then almost all of you, how do you think I feel :frowning:

I bet I started off the weakest tho lol.


Lol, well that makes more sense. I was just messin' around too.