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Brotherhood of Iron - Beginners Edition


who here has been a beginner for years? I've been reading these forums constantly the past few weeks and am frankly disappointed in myself. How many of you here have been in the iron game for a few years but can't even deadlift 315? I'm tired of bullshitting myself. Really the only reason I am still considered a "beginner" is myself. I thought it'd be nice for us to have a mini BOI, except that membership is only temporary in this case.

here are the membership rules:
-train hard
-eat big
-no excuses, just discipline


Start a Training log, I think you should work on getting YOU where you want to be. I'm sure people will support you along the way, post pics, videos, wherever you need help. Good luck.

Training Log sub-forum:


I like this idea. Been fucking around for a long time. But i have a log, so really it doesnt seem anything special until you actually get invited to the real BOI. Im with XB, start a log, when you can do 3/4/5, then im sure youll get an invite to BOI.


Just PM one of the guys who is in charge of inviting people (H4M, for example). You don't have to lift a lot of weight, just contribute and work hard.


Im in the mindset, for my own sake, and the sake of others haha, that I must prove that I can consistently eat and train for the next year, before I ask for an invite, just like I won't be participating in t-cell, until then. Im pushing to make extreme changes, before I give advice also.


I can't lift 3/4/5 yet and a few of the other guys in the BOI can't either for now.

That's not what matters. What matters is we all are pushing ourselve, but more than that - we are documenting it. We make ourselves accountable with pictures and videos and comparisons of progress and we support each other too.

If you can prove that you are working hard AND making progress, you are welcome - just ask H4M for an invite.


There's a lot of guys in the BOI who aren't super strong (myself included 275/325/495) but everyone in it has HEART. That's all it takes be a real part of the BOI. Not everyone in there is on the same level of strength. BUT, we all share the same heart and passion of getting stronger and bigger, and we prove it by consistently logging our training and motivating others.


ahh thanks guys, H4M let me in and I'm logging now


I will join at the end of the yr when Im happy with my progress and ive gained 150lbs to my squat and deadlift and 100lbs to my bench.


I hear you browndisaster lol

1 and half years to 2 years training, only doing 140-150kg squat and 160kg dead, with a bench that is to embarrassing to mention lool.........