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Brotherhood of Iron 6.0

Stronghold once quoted Livefromthe781 once quoted WS4JB quoting these words:

Amsterdam Animal wrote:
Am I the only nostalgic mofo on this site? What the fuck happened to the once proud brotherhood of iron? When did this once bound by a thirst for growth and hunger for improvement bunch of hardcore animals get infiltrated by a bunch of pussified moronic cry babies?

I spent this morning replying to threads about people being threatened in the parking lot because they were using someone’s piece of gym equipment, guys refusing to spot one another in the gym and people actually defending this mindless bullshit. Tell me there is hope after all and the glory days will be once more.

I used to walk into a gym and hang around the big boys just to pick up a tip or two. I trained for years before I finally mustered up enough nerves to ask the biggest guy in the gym in the gym if I could please train with him.

The majority of these wannabe lifters nowadays have no fucking respect for the game anymore and are just taking up gym space if you ask me. Why the fuck do you look surprised when I tell you to get the fuck out my way when you are talking to your girl on your cell phone?

If a guy, who is in the midst of a serious work out, asks you to spot him, you spot him when you are ready to do so. And even if he doesn?t ask you, if he gets crushed under a weight and you are nearby, you spot him.

When some young kid comes to you and asks you a few things, don?t be a total jackass and tell him a few basic things to get him on his way.

When someone is just fucking around, tell him to do things right or go home. If you are serious and want to learn, I have no problem helping you along, just come correct and respect those who have come before you.

It is about time we clean this shit up, I am on a fucking war path to grow and improve and will not be taking any prisoners.

Semper Fi,

Get to it, motherfuckers.

Well, shit. Good lookin,’ sir.

Today I set PR’s all across the board. And here I thought I was dieting. :wink:


[u]Cybex Overhead Press Machine[/u] (first time using, weights will be sorted out.)
40 x 10
80 x 5
110 x 3
135 x 12

[u]Delt Lateral Machine[/u] (See Above)
35 x 8
50 x 5
80 x 12

[u]Rack Pulls from knee[/u]
135 x 8
225 x 4
315 x 2
405 x 1
525 x 6
485 x 8

175 x 6
220 x 3
300 x 10 (5 lbs until machine is maxed out, OOPS!)

[u]Seated DB Powercleans[/u]
25 x 15 or 16

And I did some fasted morning cardio this morning… with my dog. He’s a crazy bastard, and makes the walking MUCH more difficult because of all the added resistance… seriously.

5.0 is maxed out already? No wonder I have trouble keeping up with whats going on in here.

[quote]buckeye girl wrote:
5.0 is maxed out already? No wonder I have trouble keeping up with whats going on in here.[/quote]

It’s really impossible.

I think CC has had the last reply on the last two BOI threads lol