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Brother with Gyno


My brother is 17 and has had gyno for about 6 months now.

He is not a drug user just a soccer player.

Would nolvadex or anything take it away, he hasn't seen the doctor yet but he'll probably tell him to leave it and that it will go away naturally.

Any recommendations?

p.s my friend has natural gyno the doctor told him to leave it and that it would go away. It didnt, now he has to get it surgically removed.


He has 2 options. 1 option) Leave it alone and hope it goes away. 2 option) use Femara (letrozole) and/or nolvadex to help with the process of getting rid of his gyno.



How do you get 'natural gyno'?

does the body produce too much E? What can cause this?



I remember my nips being rather tender when the hormones first kicked in.


isnt it from aromatase? Puberty kicks in and you have all this test floating around...some of it coverts to estrogen..therefore gyno symptoms occur? I thought that was why atleast.


Yeah, I had gyno when I was in junior high... I thought it might have been a normal part of puberty and was too embarassed to talk to anyone about it. The only difference today is that my nipples are bigger than other guys' unless they are cold.


jesus christ...this has been discussed so many times.

you CANNOT get rid of natural gynecomastia (gyno) simply by using PCT products.





the list goes on...all that from a simple AOL search for "gyno"...honestly, if you have a "natural" problem, why the hell would you think it would be cured with drugs that are intended for recovery from something unnatural?


Dear God please tell me that people aren't recommending that a 17 year old start messing with his endocrine system to "fix" something that happens to a large percentage of teenage boys and usually corrects itself.

This is how prohormones and the like got banned!

If your brother has gyno he should talk to the doc. Most pubertal gyno (actual tissue development resulting in a hard lump under the nipple) resolves itself quite well, it's not like the stuff caused by steroid use/abuse.

If he's just got fatty little deposits he needs to get leaner and build some pecs and it'll vanish quite nicely.

Please don't recommend that your 17 year old brother start messing with his endocrine system, he needs to talk to his doc, not a bunch of guys on the internet.