Brother Needs Conditioning

Brother weighs about 130kg and is about 6 2". Not sure of his body fat percentage but i’d guess it to be about over 20%. He’s carrying alot of fat around the gut area. Though pretty heavy he plays tight head prop in rugby (search Phil Vickery) and is very strong. He tore his acl around 20 months ago, he has long recovered at this stage but should this have any influence on what kind of exercise he can do.

Was just wondering what kind of conditioning he should do to lose the fat but still maintain the high level of strength that he needs for rugby. Long runs are obviously a no go, are hill sprints and car pushes sufficient? no access to a prowler or sled.

Many thanks.

As boring as it sounds has he considered cycling and swimming. Obviously with the injury in mind, long repetitive cardio such as those two might be the correct way to go, along with the obvious non impact aspects of both.

I would put him on a treadmill with maximum incline and have him hike for 45 mins straight. Or the aforementioned pool and cycling.

Another fun way that I use is to do some oly lift followed by a 200m sprint. Great way to get the HR going.

Drop in some good carb cycling.