Broscience PCT Victim - Damage Control

I thought I had PCT planned out pretty accurately but I have come to the sad realization that pretty much everything you read on PCT is bullshit and that I should have proceeded differently from the start.

I should have ran 250iu of HCG eod from day 1 (or low dose nolva) along with my ~500mg test-e cycle + arimidex for 12 weeks to avoid shutdown completely then simply follow with say 20mg nolva EOD during pct coupled with some aromasin for the next 6 weeks depending on bloodwork etc.
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Well that’s not how I pictured things and unfortunately I have not taken HCG during cycle. I really have no idea if im shutdown or just highly suppressed. Will describe balls in vivid detail if you buy me a drink first.

What’s the best way to proceed to recover from the potential damage done? I’m on my last week of injections. I got myself HCG and a shitload of nolva.
I’m thinking I should start HCG 250iu EOD for the next three weeks until it’s time to start nolva 20mg ED for the duration of pct (say 6 weeks idk). Also taking aromasin during pct and 2 weeks of depletion

thanks for your help on the topic. Hopefully this help some newbies better decide on their own pct protocol.

testosterone only suppresses your natural production and you will definitely recover without pct but it will take longer time and you might lose your gain (doctors never do pct after stopping trt) unlike other steroids where it will sometime cause permanent shutdown or a recovery that might take over a year like deca does to some people, dont worry about doing it right if your pituitary isnt weak or fragile it will recover no matter what you do.

there is no point of running hcg at this point it will take the same time for your testes to recover with nolva, the pituitary gland recovers alot quicker than testes.

i honestly dont know the best restart protocol but i would do 20mg eod until i feel that my testes got full then slowly titrate down i dont see the point of running it for 6weeks then going off completely