Brooks Kubik vs Doug Hepburn

Yet another question I want to do some training based on single reps to increase my strength and as you may have noticed from my previous questions I’m quite keen on Doug Hepburns methods even though they might be to much for me, however I think I may have found a compromise…Enter Brooks Kubiks and one of his idea’s .

First the Hepburn method has you start with 4 singles and build up to 10 at that point you add weight and start again, this is then followed by what is refered to as a pump routine consisting of 80% for 3/3/3/3/3 building to 5/5/5/5/5 also known as (“C Routine”).

Kubiks method was you do a series of progressively heavier warm up sets followed by One single with your working weight ie not your 1 rep max, at each workout you add one single with your working weight until you are doing 5 singles with your working weight, then at your 6th workout you simply add weight and start over again with one single.

As you can see both workouts are very similar regards slow progression with the Brooks program having less volume, so my question is would I be better off following something more in line with the Brooks Kubik program to allow for more recovery or would you recommend going with Dougs program ?

They’re both going to do about the same. Pick one you like the most.

[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
They’re both going to do about the same. Pick one you like the most.[/quote]
Very much this.

Pretty much every time somebody wonders about one coach “versus” another coach, the answer really is that either one is fine, so stop overanalyzing, just pick one and go for it.

It’s almost a cliche, but everything does work… for about six weeks. There are tons of effective methods for building strength and size. High volume, low volume, high frequency, low frequency, bodyweight only, machine only, kettlebell only. Whatever.

If somebody is “a name”, it’s almost certain that their methods have already gotten a bunch of people results, so it’s a safe bet. The trick, down the long run, is to try enough different methods to eventually determine what you respond best to, and use that info to figure out how to program your own training at some point.

As for the particulars of the two programs you mentioned, I’m not familiar with that Kubick routine (I’ve read some of his older stuff). If it’s essentially a difference of “heavy singles” vs “heavy singles plus more volume”, understand that, generally-speaking, a program that’s lower volume will have much less influence on building size. Low volume heavy lifting is basically “just” strength-building. It’s your call on how that effects your goals/priorities.