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Brooks Kubik - Bodyweight Training Manual


I'm on Brooks Kubik's (Dinosaur Training) e-mail list. Well, he has a new book/manual coming out in January for a bodyweight program.

Now, I've seen a few books on bodyweight stuff, and I even own a few (Naked Warrior by Pavel and Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey). They are decent books, but nothing new or revolutionary. And it's not something I could rely on exclusively in my training.

Yes, I like to incorporate bodyweight exercises within my weight training. And for times when I can't train with weights or need a short break from pounding the weights, I enjoy doing some bodyweight workouts.

The information about the manual seemed pretty cool. He has "new" exercises and stuff that will take you a whole new level in your training. I'm thinking, "This sounds pretty cool and better than most of the other books I've seen on bodyweight training."

The manual shows photos of every exercise and comes with a free nutrition book (Nutrition for Dinosaurs) and a DVD with the exercises. Sweet!

So I go to the link to pre-order the book. I'm thinking, it's probably $40 or so, right? Well, it's $197!!!!! And this is the special "pre order" price. It'll be more in January and not have the free stuff. I'm thinking, "What the hell!?"

How can a book/manual on bodyweight training be so freakin' expensive? Just what does this thing contain that is so different or revolutionary compared to all the other books on bodyweight training?

If anyone buys this manual, be sure to let me know what you think and if it's really worth $197 or more.


New incredible exercises to take your training to the next level. If anyone but Dave Tate said that to me they would have to back it up with a retarded ammount of evidence.

I would take that $200 and buy a pull-up bar for a door in my house, make myself a sandbag out of old military duffel bags, and buy some rings to train on. These exercises aren't new, but they are certainly good.


Just a bunch of hype to make more money read these lines taken directly from an add:

-"Get superstrong by learning to contract your muscles harder."

-"Mold your whole body into an off-planet rock with only two exercises.."

-"How to hack into your muscle sofware' and magnify your power and muscle definition by rewiring y our nervous system."

-"Unleash Explosive New Power, Make Dramatic Gains.."

-"..delivers an unparalleled mix of all-purpose strength and conditioning.."

Brooks is really out of his....oh wait. The above comments are not from Brooks adds...Their from our dear friend Pavel! :slight_smile:

Pavel, Matt Furey and now Brooks Kubik ...where have all my hero's gone?

Okay, I'm out of here comrade

LOL :slight_smile:


Funny, as I was reading this, before I got to the bottom, I was thinking that this sounded a lot like Pavel.

The above quote is my favorite.


Ahhh yes, that was all Pavel. I heard all that in reference to his Naked Warrior book. Which is a nice read, but not worth the money since it basically covers two exercises (one-arm pushup and one-legged squat).

I'm sorry, but I couldn't do daily workouts with only two exercises and a few variations. It would bore me to death. And with so many other exercises that can be done (even bodyweight only stuff), I would want to incorporate all of it.

At least Matt's book showed pics and descriptions of a lot of stuff I had forgotten about or not used since I was a kid (crab walks, bear crawls). And from a few of the photos on Brook's site about the new book, he does appear to use much harder variations of basic lifts (pushups using pushup bars and feet elevated on a Swiss ball that is on top of a chair and rope pullups). So I can see how making basic bodyweight exercises harder would work to add more muscle and strength, but I have a hard time believing all the claims. But I'm still intrigued by the manual. If it was a $30-50 book/manual, I'd pick it up. But not $200.

Now, go kick butt comrade!


I bet he got together with his pal Matt (they are very close) and Matt told him that the "perceived value" is more important than the actual value. Hence, charge more money and you will make more money, even if you don't sell more books you are making more per book.

At least that's the way the "value enhancement" game is played in the marketing world. If the customer thinks that you have, or are something very unique you tend to reap the benefits.

One reason that those who talk in a forign accent are looked at as knowing sooooo much more than mere Americans.

Do you really think that someone like TC for example couldn't help you every bit as much as oh..say your favorite strength coach who speaks with an accent. (What? I never mentioned Pavel in that description...I wasn't even thinking of him. There are plenty of strength gurus running around with an accent :slightly_smiling:

However, I think this time Brooks may have priced himself out of the ball game completely.

I'm usually a sucker for new training books too. But, I'm not going near that baby!


I actually met Brooks a couple months ago . . . the man is jacked.

And I think it's odd how you guys scoff at the price. For people who value strength, health, looking muscular, and training you'd think you would be confused if this training course WEREN'T expensive.


He is definitely in phenomenal shape especially for being 48. However, he's spent years and years lifting with heavy weights and odd implements as well. I doubt he's focused on bodyweight only workouts for years and years.

And yes, I value my health and strength very much. But I don't care who you are, $197 for one book/manual seems outrageously priced. And it only covers bodyweight exercises. If it was a yearly program that included bodyweight and weight exercises, and a slew of other info, I could see spending $197.

Remember, the $197 was the most basic package you could get. It came with the manual and two free gifts including a CD and nutrition book.

The next package is $497 and includes the above, a DVD showing the exercises and a bunch of free training books (Dinosaur Arm Training, Dinosaur Back Training, etc. - 7 total).

The best package is $697 and includes all of the above and a few additional goodies.

Now, just a few weeks ago, Brooks was selling two packages (one for $297 and one for $497) that included all the Dinosaur newsletters and Dinosaur Training book along with some VHS tapes and CD's. That was a bit pricey too, but I found it more realistic since you get six year's worth of newsletters and a few different books.

All in all, I'd have to say that his stuff is very expensive, especially when he is supposed to be writing for the guys who train in their garage, basement or backyard with cheap or FREE equipment.

Hey, I'd love to check out his bodyweight manual and even the DVD showing the exercises. But I just can't see paying $200 or more for that. I just can't see it being the "be all end all" to my training. How many people would give up their weights and odd implements to do bodyweight only stuff? And even if you don't give that up, how much bodyweight stuff are you going to include to feel that you get your money's worth out of the program?

I'm not knocking Brooks. I think he has GREAT stuff. But this time, I think his pricing is way off base.

For $97, I could get John Berardi's Precision Nutrition package with five books, DVD's and more. Now that, I would gladly pay.


Brooks is the MAN no doubt. His book changed my training forever back in the 90's. If you ONLY refer to what he has written in the past, this book has got to be GREAT!

However, looking at the supposed content ie; bodyweight exercises, I cannot fathom how this could be any good. Or at least on par with Dino Training.

Pavele book left me with my ass aching if you know what I mean. I have three and I shoulda quit w/ the first. Matt's CC book is a keeper though.

As far as accents, Alwyn Cosgrove has a thick one (accent that is, you PERV!) and he's the best! Or one of the best!


But Nate, we're talking about almost $200 for a book. This is not a tailored program or several phone consultations... but just one darn book on bodyweight exercises. I cannot imagine what could possibly be in that book to make it worth $200, that's all. Heck, Mel Siff's "Supertraining" is not even nearly that much.


Wait, I thought it was in reference to Power To The People. You know, his other book that talks about daily training and only two exercises. Geez, I guess he found the magic formula, and it works for any 2 exercises.

Okay, I'd like to announce my new e-book, "The 1-Armed Bandit Training System". It focuses on 1-arm Side Bends and 1-arm Overhead Step-ups, to be done only on days that rhyme (Sunday, Monday, and um....yeah, just train on Sunday and Monday). Look for it to hit the site here before Summer '06. Just in time to let you boast about building the best and beautifulest body on the beach. (I've heard that alliteration is a powerful advertising tool).

Only my program, translated from a text found lying on the ice bridge at the Bering Straight (so it probably used to be Russian or something), can deliver:

  • Abs of Aluminum (flexible, strong, and in any shape you want)

  • Quads of Titanium (flexible, strong, and...powerful)

  • And Shoulders of Plutonium!! (flexible, strong, and...radioactive)

Pre-order now, brother!


That's an example of my point. Dinosaur Training changed my training forever too . . . how is that not a bargain at $197?
(Hell, and that book was only $19 or something!)


Ahh...bodyweight stuff is nothing you can't find on the internet for free.

I love doing pushups; they're my favorites maybe out of all exercises. But I am not going to pay $200 to learn how to do new ones.

That is ridiculous and sounds alot like Pavel, Furey, or any of the other con- men that love bodyweight stuff.

Look up Mike Mahler. He's as good...and his info is free.



Buy some chains, rings, a pullup bar, and parallettes and I can do the same shit he'll claim in the book.


Con men?

Oh man you are going to have Chris Aus and the other Pavelites over here jumping all over you.

Don't worry pal I'm here it'll be you and me back to back...lol


No question that Brooks Kubik has a ton of knowledge regarding weight lifting. And the Dino files was a fantastic newsletter which I used to subscribe to. I also bought his book.

BUT, he made his name and his body lifting very heavy weights for low reps. Now all of a sudden he's a "body weight only" expert?

I don't know about that....


Sounds an aweful lot like Furey doesn't it?

Anyone who is going to pay $40 to learn how to do pushups is nuts! I read the naked warrior- in the bookstore! it took me ten minutes! And i was not going to buy it for $40.

I mean, Pavel almost tricked me into buying a couple of his books, being as I am so damn fond of pushups. But the one armed pushup? Man, I learned that from Rocky II. And Rocky certainly didn't use any Russian secret training tricks of inhaling and tightening the sphinctor while doing a back bridge immediately following :wink:

I don't know why, but it seems that this is an epidemic among bodyweight only guys. But you want to know where pushups and situps get you? Look at Mickey Ward. Now, its cool with me, if thats what you want. But in no way are pushups going to get you as strong and large as weightlifting. For these guys to be purveying that myth is a crime, and every one of them should be tried for false advertising. Especially Furey.


This IS the point. Dinosaur Training changed your life for $19. Is the new body weight regime going to have 10x the impact since it is 10x the price?

MF's CC had some good exercises in, but the presentation was so piss poor it left a bad taste in my mouth. I thought for $US40 that he could have at least not had a photocopied cover on it.


Alright then, why would you consider them con men? Last time I checked puffery is perfectly legal and one could argue necessary these days to make a good living in this industry.


Which is why it is way underpriced. Life-changing information deserves a higher price-point than $19.