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Brook....Where U Is?


Just wanted to get your attention. I read something you posted in one of the frontloading threads in regards to a cycle you had run or had planned to. I believe it was test E wks 1-6, possibly dosed at 500-750 wk, with D-bol wks 3-8. PCT beginning wk 8. I just wanted your thoughts on a cycle that looks like this.

wks 1-6: Test E: frontload 1000mg. followed by 750/wk
wks 3-8: winny 50mg/day
PCT: unsure, have done standard nolva/clomid. saw no real benefit. was thinking of trying a test taper.

anyway, just wanted your thoughts...

stats: 27 yrs old, 6 ft, 235 lbs, 14% BF. Goals are to maintain size while in a caloric deficit while reducing bodyfat. I'm aware there are more ideal esters for "cutting..." However, E is what I got. Help a brotha out.