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Sounds like you've got the love jones for your trainer.


I hear ya. Lotsa days like that but lot of focus in the gym. Not the world's greatest advice here, but find somebody you can tolerate, work your ass off in the gym and then go have 3 strong margs and listen to some tunes. Not the weightroom tunes, down a notch or two.

Whatever you two decide to do after that is your business, but experience here predicts, better mood! Give that headboard a good dent or two. One man's opinion.


hmm...interesting. Hope you feel better Julia, at least you know it is only temporary hopefully that'll get you through it.


The world is full of:

a. Conflicts
b. Negativity
c. Pessimism

You must be walking around full of suppressed hostility.

Could this probably be why you erupt like a volcano 2-3 times a year?

Dormant lava..then volcanic activity.

Get some Disturbed albums and a boxing bag.


I've been angry at the world today myself..must be in the air. I don't have a trainer though,so I took my frustrations out on the iron. Deadlifts really help clear the head. My advice is to tell your trainer he works for you,and DAMMIT we're going heavy today! Hang in there. :slightly_smiling:


Doc Fife thinks that getting laid would make you feel better.


Eh, you're having a really bad day. Yes, the world is full of negative, good-for-nothing idiots. I am glad you see that because, if you didn't, that would make you one of those people. You should try to vent your anger more often on the heavy weights or take up some kind of violent sport/activity (that is legal).


You know I'll always do my best to try and cheer you up, julia.

So here is a ridiculous picture.

More to come.


And this is different from normal female behavior...how?






Reading this thread is like being back in high school.




Hah! Thank you DC. Comic or no comic youre always making me laugh


How so?

Oh yeah, you are that guy I said that had the arguements similar to kids in junior high.
But I guess we are even now.


Reading the threads reminds me of the problems we had as teenagers, the kind that seem enormous at the time, but go away after a good night's sleep.

I rather miss those kind of problems.

See? I can't remember the last time I heard an adult say "we are even now."


Oh no I stated indirectly that I knew that this problem was temporary as two other posters stated directly, believe me, I do not go around all the time with this problem or I would not consider it to be one.
Really, I am sorry I was mean to you. Well, now that you have invaded my thread with insults I am. I measure things a lot, relationships Are about balance, push-pull, and I was suppose to major in economics.
But youll always have those pessimistic idiotic people out there that think women are subservient to men and all that jazz hahaha
Sorry sorry sorry


You do realize that you don't need a trainer to lift heavy, right?


I like hot guys to watch me when I lift