Bronx, NY T-Nationers?

Finally getting off this god-forsaken island and headed to the boogie down! I’m looking forward to joining a gym where I won’t be the biggest/strongest member!

Where are you guys training at? We should put together our own T-Cell or somethin’…

Wow, A Bronx Fail. I’ll be keeping the T-Nation spirit alive on my own I suppose, just like out here on Shitstain Island!

Damn. I was in the Bronx until March. Back in Jersey for now.

Where did you train?

At J’s Big Gym on west 181st. Old school bodybuilding gym with the basics. The actual weight room is pretty small and has only one squat rack, but the dungeon-like atmosphere really lights a fire under your ass. That, and the 100 lb. plates make life a lot simpler than stacking a mountain of 45s onto the bar on squat/deadlift days.

If you’re ever in the Heights, check it out.